Have You Zoned Your Kitchen Yet?

The kitchens have always been the heart of the home. Over time, they have even evolved to become the brain centres with ideas of home-office taking shape. Today, kitchens play an essential role in a person’s well-being. One of the evolving ideas in the kitchen is that of ‘zoning’, which has stemmed from the kitchen work triangle.

The concept of the kitchen work triangle has been in use for decades. The kitchen triangle refers to the relationship between the refrigerator (food preservation), stove or cooktop (cooking) and the sink (prep and clean-up). While this principle still applies, modern kitchens have evolved into something bigger and linked to the remaining parts of the home. Today, the kitchen triangle has evolved into a zone.

The idea of ‘zone’ evolves from the belief that each category of kitchen equipment or appliance must have a home for itself. The inclusion of island units in the kitchen has created work zones with performance elements that make them more valuable and convenient.

Here are the main zones in today’s kitchen:

Food Preservation Zone


The refrigerator is the heart of the food preservation zone. An ideal food preservation zone includes storage for non-refrigerated food as well. The food preservation zone can also contain space for food containers and wine accessories.

Cooking Zone


This zone encompasses all the cooking appliances, utensils and other small appliances that aid in cooking. It also includes storage space for spices and potholders.

Prep and Clean-up Zone


The clean-up zone includes the sink, faucet, dishwasher, soap dispenser, and bins. It also consists of storage units for dishes, glasses, cleaning supplies and cutting boards.

Speciality Zone


A speciality zone is a luxury offered by a large kitchen. This zone often includes coffee centres with a countertop or built-in coffee maker and space for sweeteners and serving pieces. The speciality zone also consists of the wine bar.

Baking Zone


With the increased popularity of baking, a designated baking zone in the modern kitchen is a must. This zone includes a mixer, an oven, a countertop and storage space for rolling pins, baking trays, and other essentials that aid in the baking process.

Juicing Zone


A dedicated space with a juicer, cutting boards and prep sink can improve the kitchen’s aesthetics. This zoning can be extended to include all the essentials that go into making smoothies and salads by containing specialized appliances and storage space.

Irrespective of whether the kitchen is being remodelled or not, the functionality of this space can be optimized better by having the storage units, appliances and fixtures installed in a spot that provides maximum convenience.

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