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Important Notes

Plan your kitchen when you plan your home; when fixing a day for moving in, ensure you consider giving kitchen planning and construction no lesser than a period of four months. The best time to plan your kitchen is when the structure is ready, and before you begin plastering and flooring, as every Veneta Cucine kitchen is custom designed. Planning well before the desired completion date ensures your kitchen is ready when you need it.

A lead time of 120 to 135 days will be required for the kitchen to arrive from Italy and seven days from the date of arrival for installation. Space of any dimension, walls and flooring is all it takes for Veneta Cucine to transform a room into your dream kitchen.

CC India’s designs are all Vastu-compliant. By planning your kitchen early you save on the cost of work top, sink, tap and dado tilling, etc, that is payable to the builder. Because all these are in integral part of the Veneta Cucine total kitchen solution.

CC India and Veneta Cucine SPA Italy entered into a strategic partnership in 1995.