How Veneta Cucine’s ‘Memory’ Is Redolent Of The Vintage Charm

A Walk Down The Memory Lane

Over the past decade and a half, the modular kitchen market in the country has seen an upward
trend leaning towards customers favouring modern and contemporary designs. Consequently, there
are very few vendors who provide the vintage choices for those who appreciate the traditional look.Here is where Veneta Cucine India stands apart from the rest with its diverse range of both
modern/contemporary and traditional range of kitchens.

For the nostalgic soul who is considering building a dream kitchen which speaks to their sentimentalities, Veneta Cucine’s Tradizione or Traditional range of kitchens are sure to “spark joy” in them. The Tradizione range perfectly marries modern functionality with traditional Italian kitchen aesthetics and through this composition of timeless evergreen decor, we hope to evoke a strong sense of passage into the old days.

The ‘Memory’ model from our Tradizione segment is bound to tick all your above checkboxes. It revisits classic cabinetry with an eye on modern linearity, which provides the shapes with simplicity that highlights precious details to bring out its old charm.

To paint a picture, we have chosen Antique White Enamel for this particular composition for demonstration out of the two finishes which we provide in this series. The Antique White finish adorns the elegant form of the door with the frame and panel built out of solid wood. To complement the ensemble, we have added Tradizione table and Milady chair to bring out the classical mood.

modular kitchen

The bevelled panelled doors in this modular set comes with a tempered glass panel with sturdy muntin.

In order to provide for your need for optimum space utilisation, Memory provides a shelf with small useful drawers placed under a wall cabinet for ease of storage.

storage cabinet

In case the Antique White Enamel finish is not to your taste, you can opt for the alternative, Antiqued Chestnut Stain finish to bring out the warm shades of the wood and exemplify the classic look that we promise to deliver.

modular kitchen

Memory is your quintessential vintage kitchen brought to life with its deliberate use of wood and the antique finish to complement it. There is something about wood and the warmth that it projects which kindles a yearning for the good old past and we believe this kitchen is your path down that memory lane.