How Veneta Cucine’s Kitchens Safeguard Your Children and Family

How clean is your kitchen? For most, the answer might be, “very clean” but even the cleanest kitchens are victim to all kinds of bacteria which thrive in its favourable conditions. Some of the most common bacteria found in your kitchen are E-coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Norovirus, and Hepatitis-A and due to their microscopic size, it is quite natural to assume a so-called “clean” kitchen to be a sterile environment. Your routine cleanup and disinfecting measures are a must to combat the build-up of these pathogens but even these are not enough to completely eliminate and proactively stave off their reemergence.

This is where BBS® – Bacteria Blocker Silverguard comes to your kitchen’s rescue. A product of years of research to combat the above problem, it was discovered that the use of certain precious metals in sanitizing treatments have shown positive deterrent effects on bacterial growth. Out of these precious metals, silver has shown the most effective counter agent against microbes.

So how does it work? Quite simply, the ions destroy the cell walls of the common bacteria found in your kitchen and essentially disrupt their metabolism and prevent them from reproducing. In layman terms, the bacteria is first rendered harmless and then hindered from multiplying, leaving your kitchen germ free (99.9%).

BBS® is a durable sanitization process which doesn’t require any routine maintenance or reapplication since it’s not based on liquid coating to keep your kitchen germ free. Rather, the silver ions are incorporated in the form of particles during the process of impregnation of the material. Due to this very nature of its production, the BBS® is a permanent and long-term solution for keeping your kitchen as sterile as possible.

So if you have a family with kids who tend to play around the kitchen, our modular kitchen ranges can be incorporated with the BBS® technology as an optional extra and an added safety feature for their well-being. Let Veneta Cucine be your family’s choice for a hygiene centric and aesthetically sublime dream kitchen.