Tips To Keep your Kitchen Cabinets looking Brand New for Longer – Kitchen Cabinets Maintenance

The kitchen remodeling team has just finished installing your kitchen cabinets and now that you can see the finished product, you can’t take your eyes off it! The results look amazing and beyond something you expected. So, how can you keep those beautifully designed cabinets looking brand new for longer?

Take Regular Care of Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you want good value for your money, it is important to choose products that offer both longevity and quality. Doing this, it is easier for you to maintain the authentic beauty of your cabinets right from the start. Taking regular care of your kitchen cabinets can go a long way in maintaining the improvements brought around after the remodel.

Using the kitchen on a daily basis for long periods of time can result in a dull, sticky film to be formed on the cabinets, eventually deteriorating them. The reason behind this is that a kitchen is somewhat of a chemistry lab – where dust and heat combine with the preparation of food, releasing toxic elements that tend to damage even the best made cabinetry. To avoid this, our experts at Veneta Cucine recommend a few simple tips to help in maintaining the new look of your cabinets for a long time!

Protect Cabinet Doors by Laminating Them

Laminating cabinet doors is an amazing way to add sleek, and low maintenance care for your beautiful cabinets. Maintaining your cabinets is usually a simple task after lamination, just dust the cabinets every two weeks, and then use a little laminate-approved cleaning agent for cleaning it further. Follow this up with a soft, damp cloth to get rid of any chemical residue. Post this, use a soft, dry cloth to soak in the water and give your cabinets that fresh new look.

Tips To Protect All Kitchen Cabinet Door

Protecting your cabinet doors is actually simple, take care of the cabinets or refaced laminate well, and they will for sure maintain their looks and functionality in the long run. Whenever possible, try to avoid accumulation of cooking smoke as well as excess water and heat inside your kitchen. Too much exposure to these elements could result in discolouration or in some cases even damage natural surfaces.

* Although laminating cabinet doors could increase their durability, they could still be vulnerable to damage if handled incorrectly. It is recommended to use the cabinets gently and avoid kicking or slamming the cabinet doors.
* Whenever you use your stove, don’t forget to use a powerful fan or chimney, these help in pulling out any smoke that could have been released during cooking.
* Avoid using any rough cleaning pads or sharp objects while cleaning, doing so will only increase the chances of causing scratches on the surface.
* Refrain from using harsh chemicals like bleach or gel cleaners directly on the cabinet surface.
* While using candles during a power outage or festivities, always remember to keep the lit candles at a distance from your cabinetry.

Using safe and laminate-approved cleaning products twice every month must be enough to preserve your new cabinetry for several years to come.