While designing a dream kitchen, it is an ardent desire of many to install a centralized kitchen island. The visuals of an independent block of the unit, standing resolute, add a healthy amount of drama to your kitchen. From cooking prep to casual brunch to storage, these workhorses do it all. Below is the list of few Veneta Cucine kitchen island designs engineered to suit the tastes of peculiar individuals like you.

This minimal yet functional kitchen island is a part of the economical kitchen design Carrera. This design is attached to the workspace and is constructed with a range of unmatched materials and a neutral colour palette, giving it a sombre ergonomic look.

The start-time Kitchen island is purely dressed with cool colours and wood finishes giving it a youthful and trendy look.

Milano Kitchen Island accurately expresses the style which speaks ‘Made in Italy’. With a Caranto countertop, slim design profile & warm wooden finishes, this island is a perfect addition to the kitchen for those who have a penchant for minimalism.

The Lounge kitchen Island is designed to provide a maximum serviceable area with open shelves and extra storage volume in base cabinets, making the kitchen more accommodating and functional without compromising the aesthetics. The glossy lacquered with liquid metal finishes and contrasting white surface give the decor scheme a classy finesse.

The all-white Oyster Kitchen Island comes with outstanding features radiating a brilliant glow of modernity and futuristic elegance through a glossy lacquered finish.

The grand notion behind installing a kitchen island is to find solutions for space and storage issues and create an aesthetically pleasing ambience for the occupants to bond. The first step to Italian designs is to explore all the features and possibilities it offers. Take a tour of Veneta Cucine designs and experience the joy and satisfaction of authentic Italian heritage.