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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Oyster Kitchen Design


Learn more about Veneta Cucine Oyster design build for serenity and calmness that provides the ultimate experience of fine living.

Oyster : Design that reclaims serenity

The above phrase, which means – Serenity is the true driving force of life, speaks about our mind’s desire for a perfect state of calmness and serenity. An Italian kitchen design cannot be defined; it is more of a state of mind. The kitchen designs have aesthetics of their own, ranging from soft, mellow comforts of Tuscany to vibrant and spicy combinations of Mediterranean. However, all the designs share common denominators – vitality, liveliness and diversity.
The ‘Oyster’ kitchen design range of Essence by Veneta Cucine speaks of such principles without compromising on the futuristic design, thereby giving shape to projects aimed at improving everyday life through the elevation of pure versatility.
“La serenità è la vera forza della vita”
-Rita Levi-Montalcini


Oyster – Spirit of futuristic design

This kitchen makes minimalism its trump card as it offers a new solution for functional requirements. Its outstanding features include its pure flat door, the up-to-date feel of the wood, the brilliant glow of modernity in the gloss lacquers, the futuristic elegance of the matte lacquers and the Shell System structure, a revolutionary “shell-type” construction system.


Oyster Decorativo – Aesthetically sombre

A natural evolution in which an already-successful design concept is further enhanced in terms of form and function. There are two main innovative features: the surfaces – which are no longer polished or merely semi-matte, and a thermal structuring process that gives the user a pleasingly natural sensation.


The Shell System structure, previously used only horizontally to create hand grips for the doors on the base units, has now been extended vertically to the columns.


Oyster Pro: Expression of ergonomy

Oyster Pro is an innovative evolution of Oyster and Oyster Decorativo. It comprises models with clean, essential lines designed to make our day-to-day life simpler with enhanced functional features while simultaneously captivating forms that reflect your refined tastes. The ShellSystem aperture/closure mechanism is made far more practical using an ergonomically shaped profile created to adapt to the user and not vice-versa, providing a safe, solid grip.



One of the many hallmarks of Italian kitchen designs is the appealing palette of colours. The colours in Oyster design don’t compete for attention. Designs adopt a sombre aesthetic that speaks to the simple yet true nature of the kitchen’s functionality. The gloss and matt lacquers come with colours ranging from temperate Bianco to vibrant Blue Topazio, catering for a wide array of colour choices.
It is a well-known fact that our surroundings primarily influence our spirit and disposition. Colours, ambience and sense of space contribute to our level of ease. Oyster design is an ideal instance that conveys the seamless transition from conventional configurations to highly functional yet serene design. It remarkably expresses the relationship between form and function through high-quality materials and sophisticated designs. If you have a penchant for aesthetically pleasing, versatile futuristics designs, the oyster is the design for you.