A Chat with the Expert on Micro Homes – the new trend in Architecture & Design 

It is estimated by the UN that by the year 2030, 60% of the global population will live in cities. It has also been touted that, in Asia, between 2018 and 2030 cities with a population 500,000 will grow by 23%! And since India is one of the biggest economies in the continent, with a GDP of $2.6 trillion, this growth will increase rapidly.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”.

With migrants and youth flocking to cities in search of better employment opportunities and a finer lifestyle, it has become difficult to find an affordable place to live in the desired location. It has resulted in cities expanding, people finding affordable accommodations away from the city hubs, and longer commutes. Architects have taken this up as a challenge to make smart accommodation accessible in the cities with something called Micro Homes.

Micro Homes are tiny yet functional and cosy living spaces – a creative solution to lack of spaces and financial limitations, a trend that has picked up in urban areas. They are generally defined as living spaces below 500 sq. ft., and that prompts sustainable living with economic independence.

‘Out of the Blueprint’

Veneta Cucine is known for being a trendsetter, bringing together great ideas and great minds to produce exceptional results when the need arises. And so, in an attempt to put forth the recent trends in Architecture and Design we have initiated a Facebook Live series of chat shows called ‘Out of the Blueprint’. The first episode in the series on Micro Homes was held on 11th Dec 2020 with Mr Anshul Chodha, President Karnataka AIPC, Principal Architect and Founder ZenDen and Sanctuary Architects and Designers.

Our host Santhosh Unni asked prominent questions and the guest generously obliged with his expert insights, perspectives and vision of Micro Homes. Anshul’s mantra is, “If something doesn’t work, or if something doesn’t serve its purpose, it’s really of no use”. He opened with the history and cultural significance of Micro Homes and then went on to talk about its relevance and design aspects.

You can still catch the entire conversation here. This episode was only the first in the series of ‘Out of the Blueprint’. Make sure you follow Veneta Cucine’s Facebook and Instagram pages for interesting updates on more episodes to come.