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7 Best Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023

From the most recent cabinet designs and kitchen layouts to the hottest colours, the experts explain all you need to know about 2023 kitchen trends. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Which is the most used room in a house?’ You’ll realise the answer is in the kitchen. Given that eating is one of the most fundamental human necessities, it’s no wonder that the kitchen is regarded as the most essential room in the house. An organized kitchen layout has made cooking more convenient, and the kitchen area seems clutter-free. And the 2023 kitchen design trends are going to take it to the next level!

Still not convinced? Continue reading to learn about the top kitchen ideas that will be popular in 2023, as well as previous ones that you should ditch.

1. Kitchen Islands for Socializing

Kitchen islands are one of the interior design components that might help you sell your home, and they are considered an excellent investment for any kitchen, so they are always in style. However, by 2023, kitchen islands will have evolved to become even more of a focal point as they become more socially oriented. Next year’s kitchen island design will contain extra seating to ensure that the room is entirely inclusive, whether cooking, entertaining, or simply sitting with the family.

“Whatever its size or style, the kitchen island, as the name implies, is a central element,” luxury kitchen designer Tom Howley adds. “It’s in a convenient location that allows you to make the most of every available area. By centralising cooking or preparation spaces, the kitchen becomes considerably more convivial, allowing the chef to converse with others while preparing supper rather than standing with their back to family and friends.”

2. Natural Timber Tones

One of the most significant interior design trends in recent years has clearly been our desire to bring nature into our homes. It’s hardly surprising, then, that pleasant natural timber tones will be one of the top kitchen trends in 2023. “We’re seeing a lot of demand for wood in the kitchen, especially oak choices,” says Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones. “Creating fascinating colour stories for the kitchen through material play rather than paint choices.”

“Pulling out the blues, greens, and pinks from inside marbles, granites, and other countertop surfaces is a fantastic approach to balancing off the warmth from the wood while still giving a dramatic effect without the need for colour painting.” A neutral wall colour would serve to highlight the wood tones of the cabinets and butcher’s block.

3. Mixed Metallics

Metallic finishes will be the most popular material in 2023, from handles to backsplash ideas and beyond. “We’re seeing a trend among consumers who want to include mixed metals in their kitchen designs.” Alex Main, director of The Main Company, says

“Metals with comparable tones provide a consistent look, such as copper and gold, which complement each other nicely due to their warm undertones, or cooler metals like nickel and chrome, which complement lighter hues and modern kitchen designs. Using too much of the same metal might make it appear one-dimensional, so be sure the finish you chose is appropriate for its location in the kitchen.”

“Shiny chrome is becoming less fashionable, with some designs opting for matte black to be slightly more unassuming,” says Andy Briggs, interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens. “However, more subdued alternatives to metal are growing in popularity in kitchens in 2023. Materials like pewter, copper, and brushed brass have a much more natural appearance.” “Choosing a more toned-down alternative for your ‘kitchen jewellery’ may truly vary up the style of your kitchen and add much more character than ever before.

4. Natural Material Countertops

Considered materials are essential for future ordered kitchen surfaces. “Natural stone is a timeless choice for many homes, with Ceasarstone quartz and marble worktops continuing solid favourites in 2023,” according to the report, Alex explains. “Natural stone is renowned for its high-quality finish and amazing adaptability in both classic and modern kitchens. There are several alternatives available to fit any kitchen design, from countertops to splashbacks.”

“Marble is still in high demand, and we believe this trend will continue for some time.” Melissa explains. “The end product has a timeless and classic aesthetic. Marble, which is stunningly beautiful and full of character and charm, can make such a dramatic statement when used correctly, or even as a hidden moment within a pantry larder or breakfast dresser.”

5. Modern Cellars

The modern-day cellar is anything from a subterranean cavernous vault packed with dusty bottles of ancient wines. Homeowners are looking for more comprehensive solutions to allocate a room for keeping expensive wines when entertaining guests at home. “The wine cellar has always been a source of conversation for discriminating collectors – a showpiece of the home to be shared with friends and other aficionados alike,” explains Jo Jackson, market product manager at Fisher & Paykel. “The greatest wine storage turns your collection into a gorgeous decor highlight in its own right. Modern wine cabinets are meticulously designed to guarantee that your wine is properly cared for.”

Jo discusses important factors to consider when building a wine cabinet, saying: “Modern kitchens are frequently constructed as bright, open areas with skylights or bi-fold doors, as well as hard stone flooring with under-floor heating. These kitchens are gorgeous and often become the focal point of people’s homes, but they can add a degree of complexity when it comes to installing a wine cabinet, since both light and heat may impair wine storage.”

“UV radiation can cause hydrogen sulphide molecules in wine, which impair the tannins and colour of the wine, but you can defend against this by sourcing a reputable appliance with UV tempered glass and muted LED illumination.”

6. Smart Technology

The modern house is smarter than ever as technology advances to help us in our daily lives. The kitchen is no exception; from smart lighting to the most up-to-date culinary devices, kitchen design in 2023 guarantees that technology is effortlessly incorporated.

“New smart technology and innovations are impacting and making our lives simpler in some manner, and your kitchen should not be left behind,” Andy explains. “Simple additions like LED lights to accent display shelves may assist in creating an eye-catching feature or have a more functional application of lighting up the dark recesses of a cupboard when placed with a sensor on the cupboard door.” “The wine aficionados in the family may choose to invest in temperature-controlled wine fridges, for example, to keep your evening sip at the ideal drinking temperature.” It is up to you how you utilise it, but adding technology may improve all kitchens, big and small.

7. Statement Lighting

The kitchen is no longer viewed as only a venue for spotlights and job lighting; instead, statement chandeliers and pendants are giving fashionable finishing touches to a kitchen in the same way that they would in a living room or dining room. “Customers are increasingly beginning to consider lighting as a component of their entire kitchen design,” says Dawn Filkins, Smile Kitchens’ head of creative.
“We’ve had a lot of requests for statement items like chandeliers or pendant lighting fixtures, which are a great way to incorporate the homeowner’s personality and style into a room in a unique way. With the growth of open-plan living, lighting may be used to effectively divide distinct zones of the home by changing the lighting between them.” Adding statement lighting is also an excellent method to make a home appear more costly on a budget, particularly in a kitchen where the presence of a chandelier may be unexpected and therefore more dramatic.

That gets us to the conclusion of kitchen design trends in 2023. Now that you’ve learned about the top modular kitchen styles for 2023, it’s time to choose the perfect team to design your ideal kitchen. Our dedicated and skilled designers at Veneta Cucine provide professional assistance and personalised designs to help you realise your vision.
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