Six Tips for an Exemplary Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the pulse of many homes! It wouldn’t be wrong to call the kitchen the heart of a home. It is a place where families cook, bond and relax. It is the space where all the magic occurs.

There are some essential elements to consider while planning to build a new home or remodel an existing kitchen. A functional kitchen layout will enhance comfort and increase the attractiveness of the whole space. A kitchen is generally the most challenging and expensive room to build or remodel; hence, getting it right on the first go is essential!

Ensuring a workable, efficient kitchen layout requires a lot more than selecting beautiful finishes and appliances. A family would need to make intelligent decisions to ensure a safe and accessible space. Here are six tips for an exemplary kitchen design:

Kitchen Space
It can be pretty challenging to figure out the logistics of where everything will go in a kitchen. A new kitchen can be quite overwhelming. It is essential to consider the exact measurements of the floor space and then place the other elements like doorways, walkways, sink, dishwasher, seating, and counter accordingly.

Kitchen Flooring
Kitchen floors need to be durable and easy to maintain. A family can choose the flooring based on the budget, beauty and practicality. Irrespective of the kind of material, it is essential to factor in the ease of cleaning.

Work Triangle
A work triangle is a critical aspect of the kitchen. It improves the kitchen’s functionality by minimizing the walking distance between the sink, refrigerator and the cooking surface.

A kitchen must contain at least one wall-switch lighting system with the switch placed at the entrance of the kitchen. The electricals servicing the countertop areas need to have ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection to ensure safety for the appliance for the people using it. It is essential to install lighting over every work surface.

A minimum of eight percent of the total kitchen footage must contain windows or skylights. All cooking surfaces must also include an outdoor-venting ventilation system. A well-ventilated kitchen brings in a lot of natural light and makes it easier for the circulation of air.

A kitchen design needs to consider the safety of the members of the family. Avoiding flammable objects near a stovetop or over, opting for rounded countertop corners are some ways to ensure safety in the kitchen.

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