Redefine Your Kitchen With Veneta Cucine

For the better part of 2020, many of us spent more time at home than ever before, and the ways in which we cook, relax & work have significantly changed. It’s evident that hygiene and cleanliness will be a top priority in kitchen design trends of 2021. From cool colours to clever cabinetry, let’s find out new innovative looks for your kitchen.

Warm tones

While white remains a timeless colour, warmer shades will soon replace the cooler tones. More grounded colours like Beige or wood finishes accented with a pop of colour like aqua or red instills a sense of familiarity and evokes feelings of compassion and comfort, just like home-cooked food.

Increased Storage

The past year not only changed how or what we cook, but has also changed how well we handle clutter and store the essentials. The kitchen should provide space-savvy solutions designed to accommodate the high volumes of appliances and items. Functional cabinets which can employ maximum space, low toe kick storage solutions, Vertical pantries etc are new ins!

Strong outdoor connection

The pandemic encouraged many people to bring the outdoors to the indoors. Adding more plants in the kitchen and implementing large bifold doors & windows are the best ways to enable fresh air flow thereby maintaining the exuberance of the house.

Handleless Design

The latest contemporary designs are all about a compact free-flowing streamlined profile with aesthetics on point. Push to open cupboards and recessed handles with contrasting colours are two new ways which provide sleek looks to the kitchen profile.

Statement Tiles

Backsplash tile designs are an important part of traditional Italian kitchens and they are making a comeback in 2021 trends due to the vibrant touch and detailed colourful patterns.

Floating shelves

People are rethinking their choice of upper cabinets as open floating shelves are proving to be more practical. They provide a perfect spot to flaunt the attractive dinnerwares and make the kitchen feel more like a living space than a cooking space.

For 2021, the modern kitchen is reinventing itself, as it is no longer a place where we just cook and enjoy meals – it has taken up the role of a social hub, an office, classroom, even playroom. Above mentioned are a few latest trends which will give you all the inspiration you will need to build your own kitchen. Let the planning of your dream kitchen begin here.