Quick Design : A touch of simplicity to Italian Finesse

A Kitchen is the heart-beat of a home. It holds a strong identity of a household, and more importantly, it sets the tone of the house. The Quick Design kitchen theme represents an approach endowed with all the characteristics that one might be looking for in their first homes. These economical kitchens are perfectly tailored for those seeking a pragmatic and customised approach without compromising aesthetics.

A theme that explores the “functionally-Italian” style is expressed in four ‘quick design’ inspired types.



Version- Carrera F1

Layout- L- shape

An essential kitchen that is an unmistakable blend of efficiency and warmth. It is formulated in various configurations with ample scope for personalisation that encompasses a minimalistic approach and a great, unmatched range of materials and colours.

The doors of Carrera are produced with a unique finishing process in which a groove is cut into the upper surface; a steel-finished aluminium profile strip is inserted into the groove and functions as an integral handgrip. This feature has been designed to facilitate cleaning and guarantee the durability of the kitchen. 

The L- shaped layout style not only meets the needs of the most discerning cook but maximises the use of light and space, creating a genuinely communal space. The integral handgrip fitted to Carrera F1 is an addition to the highly-practical recessed system of aperture.



Version– Start-time

Layout– Peninsula

With the start-time design, one can start on the right foot by giving the kitchen a youthful feel & design dressed in cool colours and wood finishes in step with today’s trendy, natural look.

Start-Time has been enhanced with the J system, applied horizontally to base frames as a grip for opening and closing compartments; this system also extends its great practicality vertically to include the columns in the kitchen.


The nice linear layout perfectly finds a balance between simplicity and innovation. The series of adjacently placed cabinets make this layout more accessible, thereby giving it a versatile look.



Version– Tablet

Layout – Peninsula

Tablet is an impressive kitchen design that plays with aesthetics, offering contrasting matches between flat and frame surfaces and between the naturalness of wood and bright colour. The opening system of the doors is innovative, with a handle recessed in thickness and with a profile, horizontal for base units and vertical for tall units, available in several finishes.


The linear composition of the design is architecturally inviting. The addition of open shelves facilitates easy access to everyday kitchen items.





Layout– L shape

Being in the right place at the right time is one of the fundamental requirements for a quick product. ‘Like’, with its unusual and refined door, lacquered on one side only and with glass-effect edges, is an exact fit for the philosophy underlying Quick Design.


The cleverly designed linear structure of ‘Like’ is a perfect example of space optimisation.

A kitchen is a place that serves as both a refuge and retreat. The Quick Design concept is an expression of simplicity, minimalism and practicality. This design offers exquisite solutions and configurations to solve space problems cost-effectively. The gorgeously crafted materials and functional yet serene layouts make the kitchen a perfect place to unwind.