Popular Modular Kitchen Trends of 2020

Kitchen trends are ever-changing, and the modular market is brimming with updated offerings to keep up with them. So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or even build one from scratch, here is 2020’s list of kitchen trends which are à la mode.

    1. Dark colours are in: Your safer colours like white and lighter tones which are a go-to for many and a pastiche of what’s familiar, the current modular trends embrace the bolder tones. Veneta Cucine India provides a wide range of darker colours to complement your modular kitchen and bring out its true opulence. Darker finishes like Verde Alpi, Giallo Girasole and Blu Topazio are a few of the many offerings which stay true to the current trends.

      kitchen finishes


    1. Island, ho!: This one never goes out of style! Your kitchen is the stage for this wonderful modular concept; the island. If you get this right, the raison d’être of your kitchen is almost fulfilled. Since the island is the centrepiece, it would be wise to follow the same mood board for its finish as the rest of the kitchen. The countertop can further be enhanced with special basins for plants or placing curios which you fancy on the surface. But don’t go overboard with personalization and keep it clutter-free.

      modular kitchen
      Version:Vetro laccato opaco Marrone Oliva e Rovere Botte 
      Composition: Isola


    1. Kitchen which thinks for you: Our lives have been enhanced thanks to mobile technology; the idea of a smart kitchen is not far-fetched anymore and will be in vogue for years to come.

      One shining example out of many on how Veneta Cucine India brings smarts into your kitchen is the NikolaTesla extractor for induction hobs. The extractor is connected directly to the hob, and therefore receives information and data from the cooking zones and automatically adjusts the rate of suction, thus optimising energy consumption and preventing odour retention. Now that’s a smart kitchen!

      NikolaTesla extractor by Elica


    1. Clever storage hideaways: There is never too much storage space, so what’s important is to utilise whatever little storage space you have in your kitchen. The designers at Veneta Cucine have devised a few clever designs which are both ergonomic and efficient in space utilisation.

      The I-MOVE is one such innovative storage design which is a pull-out element whereby transforming your classic cabinet into an ergonomic storage system which is useful when the kitchen has tall wall cabinets.
      wall cabinet system

      Another clever storage design in Veneta Cucine India’s repertoire is the LEGRABOX drawers which bring in functionality and purity of line into one. The slim side panels make them ideal storage systems in small spaces. The latest technology also ensures the drawer’s extra-smooth movement and ease of aperture/closure.



  1. Appliances are aplenty: A modern modular kitchen without its appliances is just an empty pretty shell. All modular kitchens take into account the necessary space required for these basic electro domestics and add in or remove units based on customer requirements. Veneta Cucine has partnered with a variety of famed vendors to choose from for their kitchen appliances; to name a few: Bosch, Siemens, Falmec, Samsung, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Elica and many more are incorporated into Veneta Cucine kitchens based on customer budget and preference.

Whether you are looking to breathe new life into your existing kitchen or build a new one, following the above pointers won’t let you go astray. While this list will put you in line with the current trends, the certain je ne sais quoi qualities of what makes a kitchen more than just a kitchen rests entirely on your imagination. So, imagine big!