Plan Your Kitchen The Italian Way

Taking on the responsibility for a kitchen project can be both exciting and stressful. You get to create mood boards, collect reference samples, watch several videos & read several blogs, but there is no denying that it becomes stressful & confusing with too many ideas on the plate. No matter how tempted you are to rush into a showroom and impulsively choose a design, it’s important to take plenty of time & consideration to figure out your actual need. Breaking the planning process into manageable steps could make it easier. Whether your existing kitchen requires a drastic makeover or you are a first timer planning your kitchen, read on for our tips on how to plan before building your kitchen.

Assessing your requirements: You must analyze what you currently have in your kitchen to understand what you want or need for your new kitchen design. Take a good look around and assess your needs. List out things you require & do not require in your new kitchen. You can do this with the help of a kitchen designer who will help you add a creative spin to your ideas.

Setting Budget: Setting up a budget plan is very crucial as it allows you to maintain clarity on materials & designs available within your price bracket. With proper research & a budget plan you will be able to get the best value for your money.

Making the best of space: Your kitchen layout should be designed to perfectly fit your lifestyle. Whether you are planning for an open kitchen concept, L-shaped, or peninsular layout, make sure to implement the working triangle rule—the three points being the sink, fridge and hob. The three vertices should be close enough for efficiency and at the same time shouldn’t be restrictive.

Creating a contemporary kitchen: Choosing a simple yet elegant space with minimalist and classic designs is the best choice . Choose built-in appliances and fitted storage solutions to make the best of your space while still  maintaining a contemporary and sleek look. Moreover, you can choose between the more fabulous minimalist shades such as white and silver or a more colourful palette which will give your kitchen a modern and clutter-free look.

Choosing the best materials: Especially in times like these, when there is a growing pursuit of hygiene, it is important to ensure that you are investing in the best quality kitchen with the perfect quality materials. You will only add value to your home with our state of the art appliances and kitchen fittings. Of course, such an investment in top-grade materials also ensures that your kitchen will last longer and remain in good condition for your ease and comfort.

Smart appliances and functionality: While making your kitchen more hygienic, the functional aspects of our products also enhance the total efficiency of your kitchen. When we need help with chores, more than ever, our products will help make your life a lot easier. Along with that, you also get elegant designs and superb quality.

Your kitchen project experience will bring with it two crucial moments. The first is your choice of the product with regard to the functional and appearance needs. The second is utilizing it through the actions that serve to exploit the furnished kitchen to its maximum potential while making it an entirely personal and intimate one. You can create this image with the help of Veneta Cucine’s spectacular designs in the experience of your daily living.