The Perfect Ways to Organize Kitchen and Keep it Clutter-Free

We’re often talking about the Kitchen being the soul of your home. Where we take our time cooking a meal with love, where we gather for whispered conversations, where we rush to for a quick bite, or where we sneak in for a midnight snack. But just as often, we forget to pay the attention we do to the rest of the house, especially the living room or a master bedroom, when it comes to organising the space.

VC understands these lifestyle limitations and prioritises organisation on a design level. Veneta Cucini’s kitchen innovations of recent years have focused on streamlining the space and organising the essentials to keep clutter under control.

Lots of Storage: It’s easy to look at an empty kitchen with bare minimum storage space and appreciate how spacious it allows for the area to look. However, once you begin using the kitchen, you will discover that you cannot cut down on your kitchen appliances, tools, or dishes, and hence will have to leave these objects scattered around or add awkwardly out of place external storage. Therefore, the first step to having an organised, clutter-free kitchen is to have plenty of storage space. VC includes ample storage in the design while simultaneously creating a seamlessly minimal look, helping you address this problem at the root.

Built-in Appliances: Integrating your appliances into the kitchen design helps bring the aesthetic together and avoids visual standout. This feature is handy with saving space and avoiding running into protruding corners, thereby making the area safer for children and adults. With VC, you could choose to make your ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves, and dishwashers inbuilt. Often installed directly into your kitchen units or within cabinet frames, the appliances become a part of a whole and complement your kitchen’s design and add a sense of uniformity and cleanliness.


Additional Clever Storage Hideaways: There can never be too much storage! The designers at Veneta Cucine have devised a few clever designs that are ergonomic and efficient in space utilisation through clever storage hideaways. For example, the I-MOVE is a pull-out element whereby transforming your classic cabinet into an ergonomic storage system functional when the kitchen has tall wall cabinets. Another clever storage design in Veneta Cucine India’s repertoire is the LEGRABOX drawers which bring in functionality and purity of line into one. The slim side panels make them ideal storage systems in small spaces. The latest technology also ensures the drawer’s extra-smooth movement and ease of aperture/closure.

The golden triangle: We can all agree a well-designed work area allows for a perfectly orchestrated cooking process. The most prominent feature of a well-designed work area is intelligent placement. The experts at Veneta Cucine explain that a golden triangle separates the cooking zone, preparation zone, and storage zone. The golden triangle allows your kitchen to be both highly functional and easy to use while contributing to help the space look well ventilated, clutter-free and well organised.


Keeping a kitchen looking clean and put together includes taking care of the space on a regular basis and cleaning up post every use. However, these everyday habits might not be enough to make your kitchen appear organised. Take advantage of Veneta Cucine’s wide range of models, and choose what best suits your organisational needs.