What Makes Your Kitchen Safe & Convenient?

India’s terrifying face-off with the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic has given rise to health and hygiene concerns. Staying at home is our only option. And it is vital to do so in the safest fashion. Apart from this, there has been a growing awareness in terms of healthy eating and fitness. The importance of home-cooked food and experimenting with recipes has also risen in the last year. There has been an increasing need for intelligent tools to handle the extra time spent in the kitchen and chores without outside help. It has led to more people shifting to modular kitchens fitted with integrated appliances.

We must remember that even the cleanest kitchens can fall prey to bacteria and germs; hence we must regularly ensure sterilization and disinfection. Veneta Cucine’s BBS® or Bacteria Blocker Silverguard is a product borne of many years of research into sanitization. The bacteria present in your kitchen have no fighting chance against the ions of the BBS®. It is classified as a durable sanitization process without regular maintenance as the process of impregnation of the material involves incorporating silver ions in the form of particles. So then, it is guaranteed that BBS® is the perfect long-term solution for the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen.

Let’s take a look at the many advantages offered by Veneta Cucine’s modular kitchens:

· Efficient Storage Decision: Compact kitchen designs allow for efficient use of your space. You can even have a customizable experience depending on your need for drawers and also pull-out accessories. Modular kitchens are convenient for everyone from families to working individuals whatsoever.

· Cleanliness Is Your Friend: At a time when hygiene is of the utmost importance and must be given special attention, having easy-to-clean material can make all the difference. Modular kitchens are more durable, and their low maintenance with functional designs keep them apart.

· Integrated Kitchen Appliances: Every appliance from microwaves to mixers, chimneys, water purifiers and, even dishwashers are finding its ways into the design of modular kitchens. They have increasingly made it easier for people who spend their maximum time in the kitchen area. The intelligent design of a modular kitchen promises clean-cut lines and also minimum obstructions. According to your preference, these built-in appliances can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It helps to declutter , therefore equally ensures ease of access and convenience that you can certainly enjoy.

· Sophisticated Aesthetics: While a modular kitchen promises functionality and convenience, it also has an added benefit for you. Modular kitchens happen to add an air of sophistication to your house with their clean and classic aesthetics to turn your place into an awe-inspiring one. Whether you are looking for subtle shades or more vibrant ones, you will find a kitchen design that best matches your personality.

At a crucial time like this, you must work to ensure the safety of your family and your loved ones which you can do with the help of Veneta Cucine. It will be the best choice you could make for creating a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for your house.