How Our Kitchens Paint Your Mood

We all have a favourite colour but never quite understood why we like the colour that we like at a psychological level. We favour certain colours over others due to the inherent effect they have on our mood and how they might even be a reflection of our own personality. Here’s where colour psychology literally paints a better picture for our understanding.

Though there has been relatively less amount of research in this field driven by scientific curiosity, there is, however, some research conducted purely for practical need in the areas of marketing, design and other fields. There are a few established universal classification of colours which have been known to evoke specific moods or feelings. For example, colours from the red region of the spectrum are known as warm colours which elicit feelings from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility. On the blue side of the spectrum, also known as cool colours, conjure feelings of calm, peace or even sadness and indifference.

We, at Veneta Cucine India, employ similar psychology through our range of colours in our kitchen to bring out the perfect ambience for your psyche. Let’s have a look at a few of the colours which we offer for your Veneta Cucine.

Our Oyster series in this composition is radiant with its Giallo Girasole 861 gloss lacquer. The Giallo Girasole is within the yellow spectrum and they are known to be highly energetic and warm colours. This composition is perfect if you are looking for a living space which offers a daily pick-me-up or a boost of energy in the morning as you start your day.

italian modular kitchen

‘Extra’ from our Essence collection in this composition employs a spotless Bianco Puro 214 lacquer on its column unit. Gradients of white can instil a sense of peace and simplicity and even a feeling of spaciousness. If you are someone who appreciates a sense of cleanliness in your living space, white shades are known to create that feeling of purity, provided you maintain it well.

modular kitchen india

Lastly, in this brilliant composition of the Lounge series, the striking viridescent display of the Tribeca shelf in a Verde Alpi 853 shade, brings in an air of quiet prosperity to the kitchen. Shades within the green spectrum also bring in a feeling of restfulness and restoration; probably due to its close association with the colour of nature.

luxury modular kitchen

A few more colour variants and colour combos available in our kitchen ranges

modular kitchen online

modular kitchen

classic modular kitchen

modular kitchen

Well there you have it, a quick rundown on why colours are so subliminally important while designing your kitchen space and how different colours induce different moods within us. You don’t have to take our word for it, let our kitchen do the talking.