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Our range of customisable designs is created keeping in mind the changing needs of growing children. For kids from their years of infancy to those in their teens and extending into even adulthood, Villa Veneta Kids is ever ready to take the shape of your child’s maturing imagination.
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Here’s design expertise to play with
With over 700 expertly crafted designs to choose from, Villa Veneta Kids offers a wide range of options in every layout and colour combination you can imagine. Vila Veneta Kids curates designs according to your needs and ensures that space, storage and utility are maximised. Leaving enough room for your kids and their thoughts.Starting from INR 1.5 Lakh
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Spaces that need no Parental Guidance
Our experts guide you through childproofing your home and use only the safest materials to ensure a wholesome environment for your little ones.
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Your kids’ role model for all that’s tough
Villa Veneta expects children to grow into their rooms; it hence ensures that every product is long lasting. Drawers and deep drawers are fitted with bumpers, one of the elements that confer exceptional sturdiness throughout the life of every piece of furniture. While the fully integrated slow-closing mechanism guarantees a higher load-bearing capacity and ensures easier opening and closing of regular and deep drawers, even if they are particularly heavy.
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Put your kid’s identity on the wall
At Villa Veneta, we believe that it is important to give your kids a place of their own to develop unique personalities and derive their own inspiration for life. We design the room on the basis of input from the parent and the child so that no two rooms are comparable.
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we will get back to you with complimentary design worth Rs 10,000 and a convenient appointment within 7 days!
The space in which our children grow up. It’s vital to ensure that it is a space where a child feels happy, inspired and fully at home. We understand how important your kids’ rooms are, and we craft each room with care and understanding - being sure to inflect it with the joy of youth.

We design every aspect of your kids’ room with an awareness of the design’s impact on a young mind, ensuring that the spaces are full of positivity and energy.

Give yourself, and your children, the gift of experiencing their brand new room with Veneta Cucine’s 11 boutiques across 9 cities. This way, your child can let you know about their own preferences, and become a part of their room’s creation.
Our only priority is your child’s happiness, and we’ll create your kids’ room with the greatest care and understanding. If at all your little one has any complaints about their new room, we’ll be the first ones to listen and help out.
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San Michele
Classic design, rigorous attention to the choice of materials and attention to detail, modular programs that share the same finish.
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Countless furniture solutions for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Fantasy and creativity prevail, texture and colours collide, and flexible compositions give added value.
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A center of excellence in the production of space-saving furniture and bedrooms for children and teenagers. Continuous search for production excellence guaranteed by the quality and reliability linked to Made in Italy.
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NardiInterni is synonymous with furnishings for children's rooms, wardrobes for the night area and modern furnishing solutions linked to the office world.
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