Italian Modular Decor Guide 101

In a world full of commotion, the Italian kitchen serves as a peaceful oasis.

The kitchen serves as both refuge and retreat, the place where the actual home resides, and that’s why it is essential to keep it as creative and upbeat as possible. When one enters a designed kitchen based on Italian principles, the difference can be instantly felt. The open, uninterrupted streamlined profile, gorgeous textures and smooth finishing are a few of the many attributes of an Italian kitchen.
With a kitchen this serene, it is vital to develop decor ideas to elevate and accentuate the unique features of the Italian designs.

Sculpting the kitchen area with light
Designers have long been using light to delight the eyes and mind, thereby creating a new spatial perspective. Effective use of lights is one of the hallmarks of Italian kitchen design. Incorporating windows, illuminating hidden spaces and adding hanging lamps are a few great ways to define your kitchen area.

Perfect Monochrome
White is the best way to give your kitchen a timeless look. One can never go wrong with an all-white palette, which maintains an excellent symphony between the white backdrop, white cabinets and furniture.
The elegance of a dreamy white Italian kitchen remains unrivalled.

Kitchen Cabinets : Handles or not?
Traditional handles are robust and timeless, but the major kitchen design trend is the minimalist, contemporary kitchen without handles. Total integration through recessed grips provide
a sense of order and balance, as well as making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Rise of the designer taps
Gone are the days when the kitchen taps were just a functional element; it has now gained prominence as a crucial decorative element. The elegant lines of high rising taps come with a wide range of choices from stainless steel to glossy or matte finish.

Bringing the outdoors to indoors
A colourful kitchen makes cooking feel like less of a chore, and adding plants is the best way. Indoor plants help infuse personality in a kitchen and make it look more lively.

Flaunt your expensive Dinnerware
Open shelves are the latest trend and have gained popularity in the Italian kitchen industry. Contemporary kitchen decor thrives on open spaces and shelves, which provide the perfect opportunity to show off your styling skill.

Statement Backsplash
When one enters a kitchen, the backsplash is the first thing that grabs attention. Choosing a good backsplash is crucial as it helps in expressing your kitchen style. To get a cosy and traditional look, incorporate patterned geometric backsplash into your kitchen.

Pop of Colour
Break the loop of monotone themed kitchens by adding a splash of colour. Installing vibrant cabinets against a wooden backdrop provides a satisfying contrast to the eye.

Pots and pans
Pot racks are one of the best features in the kitchen that efficiently handles storage issues. They make a great visual showcase and also give a traditional refined look to the kitchen.

A kitchen is often the room we begin and end our day with, and therefore it is essential to make sure it is uplifting. Italian kitchen designs are made of harmony while maintaining the serenity of the space and elevating the energy. The pointers mentioned above are a few Veneta Cucine inspired decor tips to overhaul and transform your kitchen.