Italian Kitchen- The History & The Evolution

When you think of any Italian design, the words that come to mind are style, sleek and craftsmanship. It applies to your kitchen space, and Italian designs can ensure an area that stands the test of time.
Pioneers of Italian Kitchen Design
Cooking came to be an art form with significant developments in technological and mechanical knowledge. It became essential to ensure practicality without sacrificing the integrity of the design. In the pursuit of research into kitchen design, Tuscany and Florence were significant influences.
They lent inspiration to classic kitchen designers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Leon Battista Alberti and Francesco di Giorgio Martini. It also influenced the work and design of engineers, ironworkers and chimney smiths. Colombino, Bracco and Massetani were the classic Florentine fireplace manufacturers who achieved success by perfectly pairing meticulous engineering with an incredible sense of beauty.

Italian Kitchens of the Past


We can trace back Italian kitchen design to the 14th century. At this time, in Tuscany and other areas of the country, fireplaces became a new addition. Smoke was channeled by hood overhangs into the chimney and then expelled outside. The end of the 16th century witnessed a new system around the monasteries in Florence that enabled significant fuel savings while reducing heat dispersion. Workers could now work around the fire better in an upright position, and all the utensils were easily accessible .
The late 18th century saw the introduction of metal cookers powered by fire that became the most popular option. These cookers were freestanding and mobile and ensured better heat distribution for cooking. By the late 19th century, though, there were drastic changes in the societies that led to change in kitchen design. While kitchens had initially been a space meant for servants and were kept hidden, it was becoming a place to be shown to guests. Now, the cookhouse was to be managed by the lady of the house.

Italian Kitchens Today


Contemporary and modern designs reflecting minimalism and class are guaranteed. Moreover, you will find a fully functional design that promises agility, luxury and elegance. Every design is a reflection of research into practicality and design. You can only find luxury Italian interior design with a brand as renowned as us for the uniqueness of its kitchens.
It is a place where the best Italian kitchen designs come to life owing to the dedication of our engineers in creating the perfect kitchen for all clients. Each piece receives special attention from skilled artisans who cut, fold and shape the Italian cabinetry to timeless birth masterpieces. Each design is made for everyday use and can be used by future generations to come. Veneta Cucine has embraced artistic evolution by installing advanced appliances that align with the century-old traditions and essence. We promise you will receive the best of the past and the future with Veneta Cucine.