Inspirational Drawers for Your Kitchen

A well-organized kitchen yields the ultimate satisfaction for an individual. Keeping the kitchen impeccable can be made easy with Veneta Cucine’s modular kitchen drawers! They offer you a variety of options that can fix your kitchen troubles in a jiffy.

Kitchen drawers, when compared to wall cabinets, offer better usage of space, more convenience, better organisation and exude an overall contemporary and regal charm. They help in creating more countertop space, which culminates in a delightful cooking experience.

Selecting the perfect drawer for your kitchen requires:
* identifying one’s requirements based on the cooking habits
* awareness about the utensils used on a general basis during the cooking process

What makes kitchen drawers the best and most prominent in the kitchen design layout is the number of items they can hold – from crockeries, utensils, and cutleries to appliances!

Here are some trending drawer ideas for your kitchen:

* The Big and Spacious


These drawers are apt for a bigger kitchen and are handy to store larger utensils. From vessels, knives, spices, plates and glassware, they can handle it all!

* Slim Drawers


The slim drawers, as the name goes, are the thinnest amongst all drawers. They are designed to make use of even the smallest space in the kitchen. They make excellent storage space for spice jars, plates, and sharp objects.

* Basket Drawers


Basket drawers have baskets to store vessels. They are usually made of steel wires and offer a space for the vessels once they are washed.

* Accessory Drawers


Accessory drawers are made exclusively to store kitchen accessories. They are usually made as a separate cabinet and placed in the kitchen and are handy to keep numerous accessories.

* Ceramics’ Drawers


Ceramics’ drawers aid in the storage of ceramicwares and glassware. They are made to hold glass cups, plates and other wares safely.

* Modern Drawers


These are drawers designed stylishly. They exude luxury and class and are designed to store vessels and utensils effectively.

* Crockery Drawers


These drawers are designed to hold crockeries like plates, cups and bowls made of ceramic or earthenware.

* Custom Drawers


Custom drawers are drawers designed as per the style and preferences of the user. They have multiple uses and can store utensils as well as vessels.

* Compartmental Drawers


Compartmental drawers contain sections or compartments that make it easier to segregate or store items, especially cutleries.

All kitchen drawers are designed to assist you in tackling kitchen challenges. They offer you the right place to store everything – pots, pans, cutlery, etc., without breaking a sweat! Veneta Cucine’s modular kitchens and kitchen drawers are designed to offer space, storage and convenience. Visit Veneta Cucine’s website to know more!