Illuminating Kitchen Cabinets With These Smart Lights

Gone are the days when your kitchen would include only a single tube light, and you would consider your job done! People nowadays are realising the need and the importance of good lighting in the kitchen unlike earlier, when the light source would be dim and placed in just one corner of the kitchen. Cooking tasks such as chopping vegetables with sharp knives, frying in hot oil, etc., require adequate and good lighting so that you avoid harming yourself.
Including cabinet lighting ideas into your kitchen design is an excellent plan for several reasons, depending on the type of lights you choose. Apart from improving the functionality and adding elegance, a well-lit kitchen uplifts the home’s overall vibe.
Besides serving as a cooking area, the kitchen also plays an essential role in building bonds among family members and creating beautiful memories. And aesthetic lighting can help a great deal in creating a magical ambience for a wholesome dining experience.
While many prioritise installing pendant lights to hang over kitchen islands, they tend to overlook the most dominant area of the kitchen: the kitchen cabinets.
We have curated a few insightful examples of illuminating your kitchen cabinets. Let’s take a look.

* General Lighting
The first and possibly the most crucial kind of lighting is general lighting. No matter how small your kitchen is, they light up the entire kitchen uniformly. Recessed lights are excellent for general lighting, as they create a pleasant and romantic warmth that makes anyone feel welcome in your kitchen.

* In-drawer lighting
In-drawer lighting makes items inside the drawer more visible while adding a wow factor. This is particularly useful in deep drawers or utensil drawers where people store miscellaneous kitchen items. It is also a great addition to cabinets with black or dark-coloured internal carcasses. These lights are generally activated by opening the drawer and deactivated by closing it. The in-drawer lighting makes the kitchen look classy, elegant and charming.

* Task lighting for functionality
The task lighting system will light up the workspace for a perfect cooking experience with minimum power usage. Task lighting improves your kitchen design and allows you to carry out intricate activities like reading recipes, preparing ingredients, etc., while also setting the mood. This helps you be a better cook, especially when handling raw meat. You have to be sure that the meat is cooked correctly, and a perfect lighting solution will help you get it right. You could also install it over the sink if you need extra lighting while washing up. Made with LED bulbs, these task lights are adjustable according to the needs and preferences of users.

* Kickboard lighting
If you want to create a neat and streamlined look and conceal the lighting but still benefit from its ambient glow, then kickboard lighting is your answer. Kickboard lighting creates the illusion of more floor space, mainly when used in combination with a reflective floor surface. These lights can also be placed on a dimmer switch to easily control their brightness. The kickboard lighting in the kitchen makes the cabinets almost look like they are floating above the ground and also works as a unique nightlight. They are also budget-friendly and would make an ideal fit for your kitchen at a low cost.

* LED strips for sleek cabinet lighting
Irrespective of your kitchen’s style, theme and size, lighting is undoubtedly what makes or breaks its appeal. And at the heart of every illuminated modern kitchen are LED strip lights, which combine convenience with energy-saving credentials and pulsating brilliance. The reason that kitchen cabinet lighting ideas have become such a kitchen design trend is mainly due to strip LED lights. In luxury kitchen designs, these are built into the cabinetry, ensuring that they sit tight and are hardly visible when not in use. This type of kitchen cabinet lighting can be easily installed to highlight specific features of your kitchen.

* Lighting inside a pantry
A walk-in pantry is on the top of many people’s wishlist when designing a new kitchen. The addition of some LED strip lighting on the top of such cabinetry makes the content more visible and the cabinet more user-friendly. Consider putting pantry lighting on a door sensor so that the lights automatically turn on when you open the doors, and off when you close them, thereby eliminating the need for a switch. You can easily grab what you need without searching for it with this kind of lighting.

* Lighting under overhead cabinets
The under cabinet lighting systems are aesthetically pleasing and installed under a cabinet for illuminating the area effectively. By directing the light to the required areas, this lighting system uses the light efficiently and improves the overall ambience of the kitchen. A hand sensor switch lets you quickly and easily turn the lights on as you need them, perfect for when your hands are covered in flour or a sticky mess. Highlighting a designated food preparation area in your kitchen, makes your culinary environment more pleasant.

* Accent Lighting
Accent lighting should be considered as additional lights in a kitchen that’s already well lit for functionality. It’s the cherry on the top of your well-lit kitchen. There is nothing better when it comes to the beauty and warmth of accent lights in your kitchen. These lights come in the form of cabinet lights, toe kick lights and any other light that helps to accentuate elements in the kitchen that you want to be highlighted. Accent lighting can also be considered a part of your kitchen cabinet ideas that can create the effect of a floating island.