How To Give Your Kitchen The Luxury Look

See how easily you can get the desired look for your dkitchen with Veneta Cucine best in-class design and bring the luxury in your kitchen.

Veneta Cucine Extra: Luxury Recrafted

It has been rightly stated that if you genuinely want to know the pulse of a home, all you need to do is visit the kitchen, as it authentically reflects a family’s personality and priorities.
Veneta Cucine’s Cozy home design concept has successfully elevated the idea of staying home to a new level of comfort. The design goes beyond traditional boundaries without compromising on the sophistication and functionality of the kitchen. One such design range is ‘Extra’, from the Essense collection.


Never too extra

The hallmark trait of this particular design is wood finish, which is the product of cutting edge innovative design. Dedicated to the more demanding who seek the combination of wood finishes with matte and gloss lacquers, it also has an innovative opening system for doors with a handle recessed in the thickness of the profile with horizontal base units and tall vertical units.


Beyond the cutting edge

The kitchen is well defined, distinguished by a highly detailed composition where the optimisation of space is expressed with double-wall cabinets. The design, which has a dining area communicating well with the living room, also allows the occupants to utilise the region between base units and wall cabinets without neglecting a pleasing appearance, thereby simplifying the cooking experience.


The wide range of components of this design, with great attention to detail, will allow you to create the kitchen environment in the best way possible by combining technical and aesthetic innovation for the most loving environment. The Island model has a matte lacquered wooden finish which perfectly balances with the marble on the fireplace, counters top in the kitchen & glass on the Step System illuminated in back panels.


Colours & finishes

The collection highlights the beauty of wooden tones and combines them with the modernity of matte and gloss lacquered doors. The skilful use of colour combinations and sheens highlights the kitchen and speaks of elegance & refinement. The sleek, modern design characterises this cabinet collection and can create a beautiful space for both cooking and entertaining.


A quest for maximum serviceability is attained with the Extra model by Veneta Cucine, which expands the boundaries of the actual kitchen through compositions that open to the living area, combining the natural look of wood with the refinement of lacquer. The wide range of lacquered colours in glossy and matte texture & the open kitchen concept expresses a more decadent choice in aesthetics which is in step with the most current taste. If you have a fondness for sophisticated yet cosy kitchen design, consider going beyond ordinary to complete your little less with a bit of Extra.