How Dialogo Brings Modernity In Its Timeless Designs

The idea of creating a living space which reaches out to our innate need to be sheltered and being comfortable while doing so is as basal as the need to eat or sleep. This is where the concept of a ‘Cosy Home’ comes in.

A ‘Cosy Home’ actively contributes to the well-being of the person who lives there, through its settings and furnishings, and promotes behaviour and interaction that benefits the mind and body. It’s a physical space that receives the experiences of the individual or family residing within and creates indispensable dynamics for defining a layout that is intimately profound. For us, the idea behind ‘Cosy Home’ is expressed by kitchen designs which go beyond traditional boundaries and extends to the entire domestic settings. ‘Dialogo’ is a modular kitchen which pushes this boundary and exemplifies the idea of a cosy home through its inviting character.

modular kitchenluxury modular kitchen

Dialogo Oyster
Version: Rovere Decapé Argilla e Silk Grigio Piombo
Composition: Island

This simple yet very well thought out composition of ‘Dialogo Oyster’ stars an island at the centre equipped with an AEG hob with built-in hood, is designed to offer a broad work area where washing, preparation and cooking divides up the space. A rectangular basin used for keeping aromatic plants or accessories is built into the top. The columns behind the island house the ovens, fridge and pantry.

premium modular kitchen

A table with ‘Acciaio Vissuto’ finish and Trick chair with steel structure is placed opposite the island overlooking the windows of an interior courtyard from which natural light fills the kitchen, bringing in an almost ethereal mood to this composition.

kitchen storage units

Enhancing this composition even further, the ‘Convoy Lavido’ unit from Kesseböhmer in a coal grey finish takes storage units to new heights. This elegant larder unit not only is versatile but also presents whatever is stored in an attractive manner.

kitchen storage unit

The ‘Turn Motion Arena Style’ of Kesseböhmer in a coal grey finish makes accessibility its priority. The trays within this unit turn individually 360° clockwise and anti-clockwise, making contents stored on all sides move into view and easy to reach.

modular kitchen

Version: Rovere Poro Aperto Bianco
Composition: Angolare

Another variant under the Dialogo series, this kitchen places the table in the middle of the room. The large window in the kitchen adds to the cooking and washing up areas, bringing in natural light and offering a view of the outdoors while working. The Dialogo’s framed cupboard doors with handles summon up a domestic feel where the tradition of home-prepared meals is enjoyed on a kitchen table. The Cosp table finished in old oak with a quartz top, complements the Café chairs which are lacquered in a white, matt finish.


Dialogo .shellsystem

This composition, through its function and materials, conveys two opposing ways of life: one that is extroverted and outgoing and the other more intimate and dedicated to the self. The consistency of the wood comes out through the framed door with no handle that represents the desire for a product which is comforting and warm, but also contemporary. The Baja R stools and slatting counter support almost gives this kitchen a home bar visage. The pureness of the quartz and the strength of the steel make a feature out of the washing up and cooking areas, giving them a purely modern feel. In the room, there is a bookshelf from the Dani-sh range: an extremely practical piece of furniture that brings together the kitchen and the outdoors.


Dialogo .shellsystem

Summoning the Mediterranean atmosphere, this Dialogo composition is characterised by the combination of two different types of wood: white open-pore oak and old oak. It is built on two parallel lines, connected by a series of very large wall units. The peninsular extension placed against the wall is a classic example of the application of the functional triangle, with cooking and washing up areas and storage units close together. An ‘up & down’ extractor hood is used: an element that brings in a strong personality without compromising the balance between the materials. The dining area features the Venik table made of old oak, while the Venere and Slim chairs are lacquered in different colours.

kitchen dining area

Ri-Flex and Dialogo

In this open space Dialogo composition, the focal point is the central island. It is an island that can be converted and designed specifically to cater to many needs: cooking, washing up, prepping and eating. The glass tall units, which hold the fridge, ovens and pantries, finish off the space dedicated to the kitchen. The choice of the opaque glass, combined with the solidity of the wooden door, is a reinterpretation of the traditional use of this model.

The Dialogo series features beautiful wooden doors and frames in a variety of tones which gives the kitchen a strong character. An encouraging nod to traditional kitchen styling, the Dialogo can make your kitchen truly unique. If you are looking to create a timeless yet modern kitchen, Dialogo is what you are looking for.