Why you should consider a U-shaped Kitchen

If you were looking out for a kitchen layout that combines simplicity, style, and function then a U-shaped kitchen might be your best bet. A layout that was popular in the 1990s is making its presence felt these days as more and more homes are accepting an open kitchen.

Creates the best work triangle

The traditional kitchen work triangle revolves around the appliances, stove, and sink. It would be great if there is a good distance among these areas so that cooking meals are more streamlined. The U-shape layout makes it easier to demarcate the areas. Depending on your kitchen space, the experts at Veneta Cucine can help you with the ideal placements to make the most efficient and functional space for you.

A social nook in your house

The layout spells wonders for open space and brings in the much-needed division of kitchen space without blocking any of the precious natural light and air. There’s plenty of room for people to hang out, help cook, or sit and drink wine while the main part of the kitchen is hard at work. Apart from adding a social vibe to your place, a U-shape kitchen also adds in some premium extra storage space. Pair this nook with some colourful high chairs and stools to lend a youthful feel.


Think long-term

It is one of the most flexible layouts for a medium to large kitchen. It allows for a free flow of traffic and provides ample counter space. This is a great layout for a growing family or a family that has more staff.

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