The Clean Sheet: 5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean & Sanitized

If March 2020 were to have a word of the month, it would be “SANITIZE”. Sanitizing has gone from being a germophobe’s hallowed daily ritual to everyone’s life-saving routine. This change in perspective with regards to personal hygiene and cleanliness in general is warranted during the current bout of COVID-19 which we are facing. It may serve us well to be prudent by practising certain hygiene measures on a regular basis.

Kitchens are highly prone to bacterial contamination if proper measures are not taken. In order to stay extra cautious, we suggest you to follow these hygiene guidelines to keep your kitchen germ-free.

Rule 1: Just Clean

Make a comprehensive checklist of commonly used surfaces in your kitchen and keep it somewhere where you can easily access it later. Next, start cleaning each item on the list with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Cleaning gets rid of all the grime and along with it, all the germs which cling to it.

Rule 2: Disinfect Like It’s Your Calling

Why should only the germaphobes have all the fun? Get in there and grab your trusty brand of disinfectant and spray down all the cleaned surfaces. Remember, clean surfaces might not be germ-free, so a good disinfecting agent is needed to completely destroy any traces of bacteria on the surface.

A word of caution – use bleach* only on surfaces which can handle them, otherwise you will run the risk of damaging them.

*Do not use bleach to clean a Veneta Cucine as it can cause irreparable damage to the finish.

Tip: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diluted bleach, hydrogen peroxide or 70% isopropyl alcohol can effectively kill coronavirus. You can make this solution at home in bulk.

Rule 3: If The Gloves Doesn’t Fit, You Mustn’t Quit

This rule doesn’t have to be followed religiously but having a pack of disposable gloves can help you save time while you go about cleaning. If you choose to not use a glove, then always remember to thoroughly wash your hands after. To be extra thorough, you may choose to follow the handwashing method as devised by the father of hand hygiene, Ignaz Semmelweis. A simple Google search should point you in the right direction.

Rule 4: Go Easy On The Produce

Your everyday fruits and vegetables don’t have to go through the disinfecting cycle but just a regular rinse and soak would do more than enough. No documented cases of the virus being transmitted through produce or food has been recorded so far. It has also been studied that respiratory viruses do not tend to reproduce via the digestive tract.

Rule 5: Throw In The Towel

Your finishing move against any pathogen before it throws in the towel is winding up your cleaning routine by drying your clean hands on a clean towel. Do make sure that everyone in the family follows the same and keep individual clean towels for each member of your family.

These are the 5 golden rules of kitchen hygiene which will keep your kitchen spotless and bacteria-free. And, just in case if it hasn’t been said enough times already, always, SANITIZE!

Bonus: Bacteria Blocker Silverguard Technology On Veneta Cucine Kitchens

To stay ahead of the curve and as an added safety feature, our kitchens employ the BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard technology which sanitizes kitchen countertops with treatments containing precious metals. Advanced technologies are used to transform silver into nanoparticles, which are then applied to our kitchen surfaces. The silver ions released from this treatment destroys the cell walls of microbes, disrupts their metabolism and prevents them from reproducing. In other words, the bacteria are first rendered harmless, then prevented from proliferating and ultimately, providing a safe and sterile kitchen environment for you and your family.