How To Choose The Best Modular Kitchen Designs In 2021

Modular kitchens have become one of the significant parts of home adornment in interior designing. There are plenty of alternatives regarding kitchen planning, yet to make a seamless, modern & sophisticated space, we should remember the kitchen needs to be practical, ergonomic and manageable.

Let’s look at some of the inspiration that will depict the trends of 2021



Minimalism will be a trend that disrupts and prevails over spatial interiors. It’s high on sustainability, and many designers have already adopted this design into their styles. Minimalism designs are clutter-free with no unnecessary decor and detailing and yet promotes functionality to the fullest.

The designers focus less on furniture, decor and more spacious, sleek and calm looking interiors in minimalist design. They make the kitchen a humble and peaceful space where the art of cooking is serene, pious and aesthetic.

2.Go Green


As we are constantly moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices, it is only natural that our living spaces reflect the same. Designers are making a conscious effort to adopt nature-friendly methods. Conscious efforts are made to ensure the well being of the planet through choosing materials and finishes that are less harmful and sustainable.

Plants are making a comeback in the kitchen spaces. The new kitchens will witness more of nature- textures to decor. Every aspect of the kitchen will be inspired by mother earth. Opting for more earthy and soothing tones, adding plants as decor will be an ongoing trend for kitchen interiors. It brings nature closer to your kitchen and adds a zest of freshness and brightness

3.Modern Italian Kitchen


Kitchens are no longer a space dedicated to cooking. It is a muse with a cosy atmosphere where you cook, invite your guests to cook—a source of inspiration and entertainment. Designers have characterized Italian kitchens by their utilitarian countertops and amicable islands.
Modern kitchens are immensely flexible and versatile, making them ideal alternatives for those homes where the absence of room is a significant issue. The islands that regularly supplant customary tables in modern kitchen plans build their capacity limit.

Italian kitchens are a blend of elegance and modern designs. Modern kitchen in dark grey and dark wood gives a range of cold colours such as blue, purple or green. The colours provide a sense of seriousness and elevate the experience.

That’s all, folks! These are the upcoming and ongoing trends of kitchens in 2021. Veneta Cucine prioritizes designs that are trendy and utilitarian. Who doesn’t want both? Visit to know more.