Built-in Appliances – The Art of Highly Functional yet Compact Modular Kitchens

When venturing into the high-end kitchen appliance market, you will often hit a fork in the road; one leading to the world of freestanding ones and the other down the path of in-built kitchen appliances. While both of these alternatives serve similar functions, they do have their own unique USPs. Today, we are only going to be talking about the latter, in-built appliances.

So what’s great about in-built appliances?

  • Seamless and Fully Integrated Look:- This is usually the main focus of any high-end modular kitchen when there is a seamless flow of these built-in cooking appliances against your kitchen interiors. The aesthetic is often sleek and precise, and everything is where it’s meant to be.
  • Space Saving:- Due to the very nature of built-in appliances, they are installed right up to the back of your kitchen walls which are often inaccessible, and ultimately, freeing up more floor space for you.
  • Improved Child Safety:- Since they are custom fit into your particular modular kitchen design, they can often be installed at eye level and potentially avoid any injury that a curious child might find himself/herself in.

What are the types of built-in kitchen appliances available?

Built-in Ovens


Start-Time Presa

 These handy built-in ovens are installed directly into your kitchen units or within cabinet frames. A standard built-oven is around 60 cm wide and is often placed at an eye-level to get a better look at what you are cooking and also keeping it child-proof.

Built-in Hobs


Built-in hobs are often installed over the worktop of your kitchen by making precise cuts to fit the unit within it. Another valuable feature of such a setup is how the rest of the unit and gas pipes are well hidden beneath the worktop, making your work area clutter-free and easy on the eyes.

Veneta Cucine employs a special insulating panel beneath the top which acts as a shield. This ensures that only the top part of the hob receives the heat and not spread downwards and cause damage to the worktop and the base unit.

Built-in Hood


These built-in cooking hoods are housed along with the cabinet units and complement the design without overpowering it. Due to their compact size, there is room for extra storage to the sides and above.  In this particular illustration, we feature the Step Pensile Hood which consists of two modules: the lower section contains the hood and has a door that opens, and the upper module features variable height to adapt to the height of the wall units.

CAPPA NO-STEAM and CAPPA ALL-IN are a few of our built-in hood options.

Built-in Microwave

Oyster Ri-Flex

 Built-in Microwaves can be installed into a wall or cabinet unit within your modular kitchen and as a byproduct, saves you a lot of floor space to work with. They have a similar capacity as standard freestanding units but with an added bonus of being tucked away from your cooking hob, enabling multiple people to cook simultaneously.

Built-in Dishwasher


Built-in dishwashers are installed beneath the worktop and blend in with the rest of the cabinetry. When compared to their freestanding counterparts, these built-in dishwashers come with advanced features like multiple spray arms, bigger capacity and specialised washing cycles.

Sistema Sliding is a new system of hinges which enables the cabinet door to slide over the dishwasher door while opening. This unique system brings an even more seamless built-in dishwasher experience.

It comes as no surprise why most high-end modular kitchens tend to favour the built-in variety of appliances purely for their clean integration into the kitchen’s overall look and feel. If you appreciate your overall aesthetics to be not tarnished by essential appliance units, then you will find a winner in the built-in market.