How To Build A Vastu-Compliant Dream Kitchen

Vastu Shastra or simply, Vastu, is an ancient Indian science of architecture which aids in building congenial living spaces by taking into account nature, its elements and energy fields. By correctly aligning your home with these factors in mind, it is said to promote health, wealth and happiness. For our customers who are looking for Vastu-compliant kitchen designs for their home, we are happy to say that we accommodate these specifications after consulting with Vastu experts.

So what makes a kitchen Vastu-compliant? Today we will go over some of the most common Vastu practices which are incorporated into a modern kitchen.

Kitchen Placement
If there is a bullet point to this blog, it is this, your kitchen should be placed in the southeast corner of your home. North-west can also work but the benefits are diminished. So why southeast? According to Vastu, the Lord of Fire, Agni, prevails in this zone, which means that the ideal placement of your kitchen(a source of fire in a home) should be towards this intercardinal direction.

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Fire-based Appliances 
Adding to the above point, appliances like gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters etc. signify fire and should follow the southeast principle for placement. Additionally, these items should be placed in such a way that the user has to face east while cooking. This promotes positive energy in the kitchen according to Vastu.

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Water-related fixtures/equipments
All of your kitchen’s water-related fixtures like washbasins, washing machine, water pipes, and the kitchen drain should be in the north or northeast direction within the kitchen. Based on Vastu, kitchen elements like sinks should not be placed anywhere near the stove or other fire-based appliances, since water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other. It is important to keep a balance between the different elements to promote health and positive energy.

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Placing the refrigerator in the south-west direction is considered to help with overcoming challenges in life and also ensures a peaceful kitchen environment. Also, be sure to keep it at least a foot away from the corners


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It may be considered desirable to go for colours in Vastu. Opt for vibrant colours like green, orange, red and so on. Veneta Cucine India offers a varied collection of colourful finishes, so take your pick while keeping it Vastu-friendly.

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When it comes to storage of your food supplies, utensils and crockery, it is advisable to store them in the south-west direction of the kitchen. This invites good fortune and luck.

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What we’ve covered here is just a few of the many Vastu specifications which we incorporate into our kitchens. Ultimately, we follow the total kitchen solution approach with all of our customers from start to finish, giving them complete freedom and options to build their dream kitchen.