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The Brand
Veneta Cucine is a family-run company founded more than half a century ago in Italy. Over the years, it steadily grew from a small local enterprise into a major multinational group. Today, it is Italy's most important manufacturer of kitchen furniture.
Having pioneered the presence of modular kitchens over 25 years back in India, Veneta Cucine India today offers an extensive range of concepts, products and services for Indian kitchens and kitchen interiors.
The world-class Italian designs expanded throughout the country, thanks to the vision of its founder, still at the helm of the company, who is now also joined by his three children. The company's business model has evolved from an entrepreneurial activity into a managerial structure that includes a team of managers who have been designated to take responsibility for different areas.
Veneta Cucine India
Veneta Cucine India is a brand that pioneered the concept of branded modularity from Italy in India. Started over 25 years ago, with modular kitchens, Veneta Cucine India now offers an extensive range of concepts, products and services for Indian kitchens and kitchen interiors.
Services / CC India
Veneta Cucine India is a CC India initiative, a name synonymous with service excellence, one that pioneered the concept of branded modularity from kitchens, to living rooms, floorings, and hotel interiors.
Our approach is customer centric, which means we cater to the smallest details and bring them to life with unmatched quality paradigms. Here’s a glimpse of our standard process.
Our Process
customers needs
Begin with a thorough study of each customer's specific requirements, preferences and lifestyle.
To include the customer in every step of the designing process, so that the end-result is a combined effort.
Every modular home is then a unique experience, tailor-made to suit each customer requirement perfectly and stand out from the rest.
Our Philosophy is simple
Make good design accessible. We proudly claim to be the only organisation that offers a 10 year lifetime warranty on all our products in their domain. To make sure that our customers have our services and expertise at arms length at all times, we have service centers in all cities of operation that are open 7 days a week . So rest assured customer satisfaction never stops at Veneta Cucine.
Customer First Design
The relationship between a kitchen and the individual that uses it is an intimate and synergized one. It's no wonder that the designing of a customer's kitchen, thus, should begin with the customer. We take great care to craft kitchens that deeply incorporate each customer's personal routines, tastes and distinctive characteristics to create a kitchen that feels uniquely yours, and as unique as you are.
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Over Two And A Half Decades Of Expertise
Veneta Cucine India entered the Indian market 25 years ago with a vision to give the Indian consumer a taste of high-end modular kitchen designs adapted to suit the regional functionality.
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11 Boutiques. 30,000+ Homes.
The success of Veneta Cucine India can largely be attributed to the comprehensive service that spans from understanding the requirement of the client, translating it to a design, installation by a skilled and experienced team and providing excellent after sales support and service — all in house and professionally managed.
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Free Lifetime Guarantee
Not only do we craft spaces that bring your dreams to life, but also ensure that your home remains flawless in the years to come with regular maintenance and diligent service.
After Sales Service
Our kitchens are crafted for the long haul and we provide you with all the after-sale support needed through our dedicated toll-free number.
Think you'd fit in at work?
If you feel you can bring to our table, counter or closet some serious commitment, do let us know! Contact us at
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The sum of great expectations
When we opened India’s first Italian modular kitchen showroom, we knew that there was an exciting journey ahead. We were confident, however, that once our audience experienced our products, they would glimpse the best of modular design. We’ve collaborated with people from all over India to understand the tastes, preferences and delights of our consumers, and offer them the kitchens of their dreams.
Satisfaction by design
Our designs are executions that have attained unanimous recommendations from the world’s architects of note. Every aspect of the experience we provide is a product of the toil of several architects at Veneta Cucine’s manufacturing unit in Italy, and a result of their total approval.
Step into your kitchen before it’s built
Veneta Cucine is the only brand in its product category with a presence in 11 boutiques across 9 cities. Each boutique gives you an experience of your future kitchen with state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated 3D presentations.
We fail to score high on complaints
We have installed over 30,000 kitchens across the country. That’s about one lakh storage cabinets, of which less than a hundred ever gave cause for complaint - a figure that accounts for less than 0.1% of our creations. Of course, if a complaint occurs in any of our kitchen installations, we respond to it immediately. Our goal is to re-define the phrase "fail-safe".