3 Simple Steps to Help You in Remodeling Your Kitchen’

3 Simple Steps to Help You in Remodeling Your Kitchen

Have you been planning on remodelling your kitchen lately? Choosing the right style and palette for your kitchen by simply visualising the entire setup can be a challenge. To make the entire process of remodelling straightforward and comprehensive, our experts at Veneta Cucine recommend becoming familiar with kitchen designs Help, styles, products and materials first. Then use this information to create your own look to match your personal style. Need more advice? It is always a smarter choice to hire certified design professionals for your kitchen in order to avoid any kind of design flaws in the future.

Here are three simple steps recommended by our expert designers that will help you in coordinating your kitchen floors, cabinets, and countertops.

Step 1: Describe the Kitchen Colour Combinations of your Choice


Starting off with your kitchen remodel palette, our design team recommends keeping it simple. First, pick three coordinating neutral colours. Out of which, one is a primary/main colour while the other two are complementary accent colours that should go along well with the rest of your kitchen wish list. Choosing a neutral palette for a kitchen is the safest option if you wish for it to stand the test of time.

Step 2: Choose Your Favourite Kitchen Countertop


The next important step is to choose a countertop material that matches your personal style. When you start by selecting your countertop, the material you choose tends to become the foundation of your design. For example, if you want the combination of light quartz and cabinetry that is classic mid-tone grey to work, then picking a natural wood flooring to go along with it will only make your decision that much easier.
Veneta Cucine offers a variety of countertops to choose from: right from steel, marble, and granite to Caranto countertops, depending on your preference or budget. It is recommended to have a few samples handy so that the task of coordinating with your flooring, accessories and cabinetry is simplified.

Step 3: Add Final Touches to your kitchen with accents and accessories


The final step involves selecting the right accessories and accents to add a hint of personal touch to the kitchen. Our kitchen experts recommend going with bold colours for your decorative pieces, and kitchen appliances. Having a metallic finish to kitchen hardware like knobs and pulls plays an important role when it comes to highlighting countertops as they are capable of reflecting light, enhancing and brightening the entire space.

Try using these steps as a guide in designing the kitchen of your dreams! Still have doubts? Schedule a design consultation with our experts at Veneta Cucine today – it’s quick, simple and informative!