One thinks kitchens to be comfy, cozy where your most nutritious foods are prepared. The kitchen is the ‘heart of the house’ from where you cook that scrumptious meal that is craved for by your kids and for your loved ones. When preparing a meal, you just cannot do without a kitchen that is spacious, well lit, and ventilated. The majority of the people keep the former two in mind while building or remodeling their kitchen but usually forget the last one – ventilation. 

Ventilation is an equally important factor when it comes to a safe kitchen. When you plan to use your kitchen on a daily basis, ventilation becomes one of the key aspects of a healthy kitchen space. 

You can be the biggest fan of home-cooked food but you cannot deny that spending more than ten minutes in an overheated, steamy kitchen is uncomfortable, to say the least. Cooking in a poorly ventilated kitchen can be exhausting. It makes cooking a more difficult process than it needs to be. Ventilation helps in cooling down the temperature and controls the air temperature for a smooth cooking experience.

Have you ever come across a smelly kitchen? Sure, it feels great when the food is being cooked. But smelling it days later can really spoil your day. An ill-ventilated kitchen is smelly and can have an odor of rotten food. A good ventilated kitchen will never smell of last night’s dish during breakfast time. 

Do you notice that the food gets spoilt super quick if you keep it in the kitchen? It is because your kitchen is not ventilated properly. Poor ventilation not only stops the air from your kitchen from escaping but also stops fresh air to enter your kitchen. The lack of fresh air can lead to a moisty room. Eventually, resulting in the quick formation of molds on your food items. 

While poor ventilation can seem to be something that can be ignored while modeling your home. Imagine cleaning every appliance in the kitchen every time you cook. Doesn’t seem ideal. Right? An ill-ventilated kitchen needs to be cleaned frequently as the contaminated air keeps on circulating. The contamination in time turns to dust. Voila! A dirty kitchen.

A huge mass of people do not like cooking because they do not like being trapped in a poorly ventilated, steamy, heated area. The area filled with smoke and odor is not an ideal comfy space that you see in the cooking shows. Those kitchens are spacious, lit, and well-ventilated. Ventilation mitigates extensive heat and helps in reducing household chemicals from your kitchen.

A clean kitchen that smells great uplifts your mood and is inviting. The kitchen needs to be a comfortable space that is airy and odorless. The ‘heart of the house’ cannot be messy and stinky. 

Ventilation is an important aspect of modeling the kitchen. It is a priceless asset that can change the way you cook. Proper ventilation makes your kitchen more than just a cooking space. Veneta Cucine kitchens have always incorporated important elements like ventilation in their design and style. Veneta Cucine Kitchens are all about elegance, detail, and comfort.