Villa d’Este from our Tradizione collection is quite possibly, a veritable hymn to classicism. A convivial space deserving your attention by bringing back a tradition which radiates genuineness, surroundings which once more become the stage for simple gestures and sincere emotions. It is indeed a modular kitchen which radiates the warmth of the walnut, the everlasting elegance of the framed door, the transparency of the etched glass reminiscent of olden times; decorated with an ancient micro fusion casting technique. The result is a classic and traditional premium modular kitchen design capable of capturing the atmosphere of a forgotten time without sacrificing the benefits of modern practicality.

If you have a penchant for luxury modular kitchens which display an antique flavour, then Villa d’Este is what you are looking for. A traditional flavour which can be found even in the details such as the ceramic knobs and the aforementioned etched glass paints a beautiful landscape of a classical era long passed. The resulting kitchen provides for a well-optimised space, masterly exploited to house useful elements such as the roomy pull-out corner basket and the drawer under the oven.

drawer under the ovenpull out corner basket

The pleasant countrified atmosphere encourages the free arrangement of the elements, designed to adapt to all types of layouts. This design reveals a marked tendency to the versatility of layout, offering a furnishing dimension out of the norm.

luxury modular kitchen

From the wood to colours chosen from a light, limpid range, such as ivory, periwinkle blue and juniper green, Villa d’Este renders the atmosphere of a kitchen of bygone days opting for freedom of colour inspired by the countryside and nature. At the same time, it proposes particularly convenient solutions from a working viewpoint, such as the peninsula element.

premium modular kitchen

Villa d’Este adopts a chromatic choice, playing with pure colours and light hues. A happy example of this is the periwinkle blue shown in this arrangement which gives the modular kitchen a peaceful, airy effect.

modular kitchen

Shelves, midway small drawer units and a broad surface area to be used as a worktop are just a few of the elements of Villa d’Este that contributes to creating a complete premium modular kitchen, equipped for even the smallest functional need. The elegant hood is worthy of note, embellished with delicate ceramic inserts.

drawer units

Villa d’Este is not just an ode to classicism but is also a creation which is relevant to the times. It can transform the kitchen into a practical and functional unit, thanks to the rationalisation of space and volume, preferring a free layout of modules, designed to be combined in achieving the most diverse and personal configurations. Villa d’Este is essentially a toast to the bygone era while deeply rooted in modernism.