The kitchen, often considered the centre of a home, is the most utilised. Kitchen designs reflect our personalities and lifestyles. Whether you’re an avid chef who savours blissful hours in the kitchen or a WFH professional now using the space as an office, the kitchen plays a unique role in each home. No matter the size of a kitchen, it is highly likely that guests will assemble there when you are entertaining. Therefore it is of paramount importance to choose a kitchen characterised by functionality and efficiency without compromising aesthetics.
It might seem challenging to achieve a sense of balance & harmony, so how do you find a kitchen that suits your taste? Veneta Cucine is here to help. Veneta Cucine prioritises bringing the highest quality of furnishings and offers a wide variety of models, styles, colours, and finishes, which can blend into any living environment. Read on to see how a few salient features will define the kitchen of your taste.

When your taste is classic and timeless

Veneta Cucine, in its recent Classic kitchen collections, has merged elegance and the search for modernity with the refined taste of the most classic and traditional kitchens. Mira beau and Villa d’Este are just some of the new proposals of this Italian company. Synonymous to timeless, classic kitchen collections come with a pleasant contemporary twist. They are up to the highest operational and quality standards and are defined by a versatile wall hob, including a hood sink and furniture. To complete the setting, it is possible to combine the various kitchen proposals with a large table complete with chairs.

Modern kitchen with a touch of minimalism

The solid modern kitchen cabinets and countertop finishes are designed in a subtle yet sophisticated manner, free of embellishments while radiating minimalism. The captivating vista invites us to applaud the uninterrupted streamlined design. Natural light and additions like plants bath the kitchen in warmth & exuberance, thereby elevating the energy and encouraging members to share communal bonds. Low profiles, clean countertops and panelled appliances create minimalistic, elegant lines and make every kitchen work convenient.

Island of harmony

The modern kitchens with island, presented in its latest collection by Veneta Cucine, seems to fulfil our every desire: beauty, class, functionality and harmony between materials, space, and its components. It is often considered a workhorse of an entertaining kitchen; it is also a beauty to behold as it gives the family space and comfort. The Oyster model, Milano, and the ExtraGo kitchen are just some of the models designed to provide such configurations which go beyond the contemporary, with the feeling of an environment designed for your needs.

Engineered to provide space

One of the problems most in the choice of home furnishings is undoubted regarding the optimisation of space. Efficient and aesthetically pleasing utilisation of space is one of Veneta Cucine designs’ hallmarks that make a modern Italian kitchen notably airy and spacious. Many versatile models like StartTimeGo and Carrera seem to have found a solution to this problem. Carrera perfectly combines the need for a traditional solution in material and colours, while the StartTimeGo incorporates highly convenient and revolutionary solutions in the space. The collections use the areas with great skill and feature a table rather than a work surface.

Conquer the clutter with high-end cabinets

If you are using your kitchen for entertaining, you want the beautiful design and materials to stand out, not the clutter. With a well-thought cabinet storage plan, it is easy to maintain the hassle-free and minimal aesthetic of the kitchen while having everything you need hiding in plain sight. Cabinets with classic handles & recessed handle grips allow uninterrupted movements for harmonious flow.


Caranto is a new range of technical countertops designed to make your kitchen even more personal. Caranto is synonymous with elegant design; every model of this premium product is uniquely designed and is built to the most exacting standards of quality. The product comes with a wide range of finishes in quartz and ceramic stoneware and offers multiple combinations. The countertops are engineered to provide resistance against abrasion, the difference in temperature, chemicals, thermal shocks, stains & scratches.

One of the greatest strengths of Veneta Cucine is the ability to constantly renew its catalogue with designs that respond to the needs of living, which in turn are continually evolving. It intercepts the sector trends and makes them its own, creating modern kitchens, recognisable, aesthetically appealing, and are always characterised by a high level of functionality. If you have been thinking about upgrading to beautiful Italian kitchen cabinets, there’s no better time to start with a custom kitchen by Veneta Cucine.