In the present, our kitchens are our pride as they often take centre stage in our homes. A significant chunk of the layout of a house is designed around the kitchen. However, kitchens were not always the conversation starters. Looking at the drastic evolution that kitchens have gone through is not only a matter of intrigue but also a source of constant amazement.

Back in the early ages, kitchens were the core of the house that held fire. As the changing times came knocking, the advancement of designs, most importantly, that of the chimney, made way for kitchens to separate slowly. The kitchen became just a utilitarian space for food preparation. As time passed, technological advancements started trickling into the kitchens. Cast-iron stoves became a huge step up in the 19th century. However, the kitchen ‌remained a separate entity from the main house. It was yet not a place to either eat or entertain!

Modern Day Kitchens

These days, modular kitchens have turned into multipurpose rooms where cooking also happens. It serves as a dining room, lounge, and living room. With the constant innovation of appliances and ever-changing styles, kitchens over the past few years have evolved with the evolution of our habits and lifestyle, transitioning from sparse workstations to colourful, elegant and airy modern spaces. The technological inventions inculcated in contemporary modular kitchens today are primarily conceived around placing built-in refrigerators, convection ovens, microwaves and ventilators: playing an important role in making the kitchen not just a service providing station but an indulgent interest. The design improved further by applying the kitchen golden triangle analogy that focused on keeping three things: the refrigerator, the sink and the stove, all within equal reach.

The demand for modular kitchens has constantly been on the rise because it resonates with people who ‌believe that the kitchen is not just a place to cook but also a place to entertain guests, attend office meetings, listen to music, and carry out other recreational activities.

Because of the varied benefits a modular kitchen offers, here we list some of the reasons ‌a modular kitchen is the future of home decor:

* Sleek and stylish: Modular kitchens hit all the right spots when it comes to aesthetics. They are available in various sleek models that are high on the style quotient. If you like contemporary, stylish, and clean lines, then you will love the design options that are available.

* Wide variety of colours, textures and finishes: You can choose from an array of classic and contemporary shades, textures and finishes. If you have the penchant for timeless appeal of handcrafted wood finishes, you can select wood textured or patterned laminates. These patterns and laminates are almost indistinguishable from natural wood.

* Ergonomically designed: Modular kitchen designs are created by expert professionals, so you can be sure that your counter is at the most optimal height, the work triangle of the sink-refrigerator-hob is optimally positioned, and the accessory trays are a perfect size. Designers use ergonomic theories to develop optimal kitchen designs that increase efficiency and promote good utility.

* Functional Storage units: These kitchens come with beautifully designed and functional storage accessories, corner units for hard-to-reach corners, pull-out plate racks, utensil storage and bottle dispensers and a range of thoughtfully crafted units that add significant value to your kitchen. All your storage needs are met, including appliances that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. Once you have seen all the possibilities that a modular kitchen can offer, an ordinary kitchen will no longer be an option for you!

* Perfect finishing: Modular kitchens are factory-made, cut to precise sizes, and finished to perfection. As all the cutting and sizing are done by machines, the finishes are much better than what can be got through carpentry. Edges are neatly sealed, while shutters and drawers are perfectly aligned.

* Saves space: Modular kitchen designs use every inch of ‌space to the maximum-a big plus in today’s tiny apartments, where the area is always at a premium! Drawers and storage shelves can slide right out, allowing you to easily access even the farthest corners.