There is nothing worse which can kill the overall look and feel of any room in a house than the lack of light. You can have the most extravagant furniture and fixtures but without the right kind of lighting, everything falls flat visually. The same applies to your kitchen and even more importantly so. It’s imperative not only for bringing out the aesthetics but also for safety concerns. Since a lot of chopping and dicing happens in the kitchen, it is wise to have a well-lit environment to perform them.

While there are plenty of electrical means to illuminate your kitchen, this blog will primarily talk about how natural light positively affects your cooking space. So let’s get to it!

Lighting for Functionality

The purpose of task lighting or lighting used to brighten up task areas of a kitchen can be achieved through skylights and well-placed windows facing the worktop. These light entryways should be strategically placed in order to optimally light up areas like the hob, sink and other task-oriented sections in your modular kitchen.

modular kitchen

Version: Laccato opaco Bianco Puro e Noce Nodoso
Composition: Isola


Lighting for Accenting

To add the extra flourishes to your kitchen decor, lighting which accents or highlights specific areas can bring in a more dramatic and artistic feel to your kitchen. You can project the natural light to highlight maybe key features like an island or your stylistic countertop and bring in an interesting depth through the contrast between light and shadows.

modular kitchen

Version: Larice Caldo Dek, Larice Sbiancato Dek, Laccato opaco Ottanio
Composition: Isola


Lighting for Ambience 

A kitchen which has an inviting ambience is a social kitchen. Veneta Cucine incorporates this into all of its kitchen designs. Your ambient/background lighting can be increased through the means of adding a lot of glass windows, glass doors, skylights, sun tunnels and light shelves. They all serve one purpose, bringing in abundant natural light into your cooking space, and keeping it lively and bright.

modular kitchen

Version: Laccato lucido Blu Topazio
Composition: Angolare


Lighting for Productivity 

There are studies which have shown how better lighting increases overall productivity and mood. In the collaboration with Dechert Law Office in Washington, D.C., HOK designed a flexible environment that allows attorneys to practice law more productively. HOK incorporated daylight features to help employees regulate their circadian rhythms. When these rhythms are offset, people experience stress, but a building that incorporates daylight can enhance human performance. A report by the World Green Building Council found that workers exposed to daylight are 18% more productive. This same science can be applied to your kitchen and the benefits can be reaped in terms of improved work efficiency and mental well-being.

modular kitchen

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Bianco Bicocca
Composition: Lineare

A luxury modular kitchen is a delicate composition of the sleek and the broad flourishes,  the recherché and the familiar, the clean-lines and the deliberate contrast, the minimal and the prodigal, and requires one key element to complete the picture and that is light. So never be frugal when it comes to lighting your kitchen spaces!