Milano captures a style whose roots lie in the imagery of what constitutes ‘Made in Italy’ and its great architecture. An expression which taps into the “new Italian Style” that brings quality, which is expressed in these seven new Milan-inspired interiors, all sharing a common denominator: the elegance of pure Italian aesthetics.

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Bianco Bicocca

Composition: Lineare

A comfortable and intimate composition which finds a perfect balance between innovation and tradition. This set comprises a linear solution which is separated from the living-room by a series of side-by-side units, which make this composition unique but at the same time, versatile. Its stylistic harmony stems from the use of cabinets in Bianco Bicocca and Rovere Nodoso Chiaro finishes mixed with open compartments – all spacious and built using real wood. A creative and innovative approach to a linear composition.

Stepsystem Reverse in Rovere Nodoso Chiaro 799 with aluminium shelves in Champagne finish

Table: Sache. Chair: Tondina Grigio Mandorla

Freebox containers attached to the illuminated bar with a special wall-mount tray

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco a telaio Grigio Navigli

Composition: Angolare

The composition used for this room is an interesting solution for furnishing a corner space using extra-deep wall units positioned in alignment with the column units, as well as a Stepsystem Reverse in a matching colour, a Grigio Navigli lacquer finish, which gives the work area greater volume.

The wall next to the table features a Stepsystem Reverse with a structure in Rovere Nodoso Chiaro wood and shelves in aluminium. A new trend that highlights the choice of materials, the excellent workmanship, and close attention to detail.

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Bianco Bicocca

Composition: Lineare

A spacious room with strong, decisive contrasts reminiscent of Scandi Cool. Bright, vibrant colours are blended in a variety of styles, materials and ideas. This bright room highlights a skilful blend of colours, in which Bianco Bicocca stands out, while the grey hues are rendered warmer by the Rovere Nodoso Chiaro. The modular kitchen composition blends perfectly into the room in which attention to stylish detail becomes the central theme of the entire composition. Close attention to detail, as well as the skilful disposition of volumes and materials, take this composition ahead of its time

Detail of panel in Rovere Nodoso Chiaro 799 used to frame the column units

Brosc table with structure in Rovere Nodoso Chiaro 799 and top in Fenix Bianco Kos 714. Spring chair in Bianco finish

Version: Laccato opaco a telaio Grigio Navigli e liscio Bianco Bicocca

Composition: Angolare

The need to define spaces results in a solution which uses the wall and the living area to partially close the modular kitchen area, creating space for the oven and refrigerator columns. The work area is angular: the cooking and washing areas are divided by a Stepsystem Reverse in lacquered Bianco Bicocca with shelves in aluminium, while the use of Rovere Nodoso Chiaro wood highlights the colours in the entire room. A project based on a traditional interpretation of the corner kitchen, but rendered more modern by a more focused use of materials and the way in which they are blended.

“No- Steam” built-in hood for induction hobs

Large pan drawer with internal drawer and Detroit internal illuminated bar. Go-Out cutlery-holder in black

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Marrone Brera

Composition: Penisola

Amply-dimensioned windows around the dining area are a distinctive feature of this composition, in which the luxury modular kitchen is positioned in an open space which also contains the living area. The composition is designed for installation in this setting; the peninsula unit with integrated cooking area defines the space to perfection. Open-fronted compartments are used for greater customisation of the project and can be transformed into handy storage units in a strong colour such as Marrone Brera.

Wall-mount dish-dryer rack with a folding door.

Large pan drawer with internal drawer and Fineline Mosaiq wooden cutlery holder

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Beige Ticinese

Composition: Isola

The kitchen forms the link between the entrance and the living area and blends perfectly with the architecture of the house. The idea behind this project stemmed from the need to separate the various functions – washing, cooking and storage. Wood becomes the graphic mark that unites the various materials used in this composition, offering a new perspective that jogs the memory while at the same time giving an ultra-contemporary look.

Stepsystem Reverse with aluminium shelves and rear panels in Caranto Quartz Auriga Q74 and Matt Lacquered Beige Ticinese 874. Led natural light bar for shelf

Fitted column unit Convoy Lavido Tuning

Version: Rovere Nodoso Chiaro e Laccato opaco liscio Beige Ticinese

Composition: Angolare

This composition boasts an unusual window with a shaft of light striking the wall and suggests a specular project which fills the opposite corner. And to maintain continuity with the light from outside, a light colour has been chosen for this modular kitchen: Beige Ticinese. The addition of wood – in this case, Rovere Nodoso Chiaro – adds a touch of warmth and personality to a room dominated by more neutral hues. A perfect mix of metropolitan architecture and Nordic taste. A style that blends clean lines with elegance and practical design to create a homely atmosphere dominated by a sense of serenity and calm.

Dubai table and Mojito chair in Rovere Naturale Chiaro finish

Corner composition with Stepsystem Reverse with aluminium shelves in Champagne finish, frame in Rovere Nodoso Chiaro 799 and rear panel in Matt Lacquered Beige Ticinese 874

A kitchen which presents itself as an architectural homage to Italian design and proudly boasts the ‘Made in Italy’ feel, Milano seeks to connect its inhabitants with its namesake city. Influenced heavily by the ‘new Italian Style’ and the locally inspired interiors, Milano is for someone who truly relishes Italian elegance in their very own home.