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Make Your Countertop Matter

A lot goes into consideration while designing the ideal kitchen space. Amongst aspects like room layout, kitchen appliances and cabinet designs, one of the most crucial elements to deliberate upon is the countertop.

A countertop or worktop is as essential as the activities that take place in a kitchen.

In the earlier times, countertops were made using natural materials like wood, which was more susceptible to damage and abrasions. Industrialization ushered in many developments, amongst which the use of better and efficient countertops has been effective to date.

Commonly Used Countertops:
Here are some commonly used countertops in today’s time:

Granite was a luxury in many homes in the 1920s and became mainstream only in the 1970s. It has been a favourite countertop material for many years. It has been believed to brighten and accentuate even dull-looking spaces. It is almost impervious to heat. Granite as a countertop is prone to imperfections, cracks, and stains.

Marble has been used for many centuries and is the go-to option of countertop in numerous households. This natural stone adds a luxurious charm to the kitchen. Despite its beauty, marble is prone to scratches and stains, with the repair being challenging.

Steel has been in use since the 1920s. Primarily considered as a contemporary countertop, steel offers an industrial look to the kitchen. They are heat-resistant and durable, but they are also noisy and prone to abrasions.

Caranto Countertop:
Caranto is the latest line of technical tops for kitchens and other appliances by Veneta Cucine. It is designed to make the kitchen more personal and is synonymous with elegance, classy design, and impeccable quality.

Caranto’s connection with Venice dates back to many centuries. It represents an incredible legacy and is closely linked to Italian heritage. It is a symbol of grandeur, strength, and resilience.

Caranto is being offered in two materials – Quartz Agglomerate and Ceramic.

Caranto Quartz Agglomerate
Quartz agglomerate is an amalgamation of quartz, polyester resin, and natural pigments. This impeccable mixture is ideal as a countertop or worktop as it is resistant against scratches, heat and stains. Quartz by itself is eco-friendly and does not absorb liquids.

Caranto Ceramic
Ceramic is made by mixing natural materials (kaolin, quartz, and feldspar) that are then baked at high temperatures. The resulting countertop is not just superior and hygienic but also sustainable and non-toxic. Ceramic surfaces are heat, scratch and stain-resistant.

Comparing the Materials:
Here’s how the materials fare when compared with each other:


Choosing the right countertop will add an alluring charm to your kitchen and serve the best purpose. A good-quality countertop will not just match your sense of style but will also be a lasting investment!