One of the most persistent questions popping up for new homeowners planning to build a modular kitchen, “Which kitchen model is for me?”, can be put to rest through our collaborative approach at Veneta Cucine India. We work together with our customers and find out what exactly they are looking for and ultimately, the right premium modular kitchen is chosen and further customised. This process which we call ‘Total Kitchen Solution’, will be adhered from the very start of the order till the very end of the kitchen installation.

To introduce you into our world of luxury modular kitchens, today we will be exploring our flagship model under our Essence collection, the Lounge series.

modular kitchen

Version: Matte Lacquer Bianco Puro e Noce Nodoso
Composition: Island

Lounge is an innovative system which offers a new and more evolved interpretation of the concept of maximum functionality and improved comfort for day-to-day use; designed for tailor-made and unconventional configurations.

modular kitchen india

Version: Sabbia Wood Dek e Mercurio Liquid Metal Finish Lacquered
Composition: Island

The Lounge features new proportions which can be witnessed in the containment capacity of the base and wall units, aided by the redefinition of volumes and the optimisation of space requirements. The new design standards have also been extended to its aesthetics, making the Lounge series even more sophisticated and contemporary.

Some of the new aforementioned proportions and features in the Lounge series are as follows:

  • Tall wall cabinets which are 132 cm in height, allowing more storage space in the cabinetry
  • The space between the base and the wall units has been increased by 57 cm. All hoods can be included while maintaining the alignment of the wall cabinets and the purity of the look
  • Dishwasher with the Sistema Sliding system which enables the cabinet door to slide over the dishwasher door while opening
  • Plinth which is 8 cm in height enables the use of taller base cabinets
  • The base cabinets showcase an ergonomic design which offers greater capacity by the virtue of its height of 81 cm.


modular kitchen india

Version: Matte Lacquer Beige Ecru e Glossy Lacquer Giallo Girasole
Composition: Angular/L-Shaped

The entire ensemble is brought to life through its curious range of materials: refined woods or special finishes, glossy lacquered and liquid metal finishes, Fenix® laminates, decorative elements and steel.

The star of the show and pulling everything together is the Scrigno column units. These cleverly designed units hide accessories and household appliances from sight, making the modular kitchen easier on the eyes. They are also equipped with shelves with LED lights, a turret with electrical outlets, a removable pull-out steel floor and a base unit with two drawers and an internal basket.

Scrigno Column in Action

kitchen lounge

kitchen lounge

kitchen lounge

kitchen lounge

 Lounge is a unique system that includes all three handle-free opening systems: Shellsystem, .Go, Pro. Each type of opening system has its own dedicated finishes.

Aperture Systems Employed

lounge shellsystemlounge shellsystem diagram

Lounge Shellsystem                                 

lounge shellsystem GOlounge shellsystem GO diagram 

Lounge Shellsystem GO

lounge shellsystem PROlounge shellsystem PRO diagram

Lounge Shellsystem PRO

The versatility that is offered under this modular kitchen is barring none and shouldn’t put off a homeowner with even unconventional design tastes or needs. A luxury modular kitchen which interprets the concept of maximum serviceability by revisiting the meaning of quality and daily living and turns it into a place that is more accommodating, functional and aesthetically pleasing, Lounge is where your search ends.