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How a Good Kitchen Design Can Boost your Happiness

Designing a home and watching it come to life can be a gratifying experience. Amongst all the places in a home, a kitchen is likely to be the most important space in a home. It’s not just a spot to cook, but it is also a place to work, spend quality time with family, and entertain guests. A good kitchen design boosts the happiness of people in a home!

Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen design:

Let your lifestyle guide you.
If you were to define your lifestyle in a word, how would you describe it – minimal, sophisticated, classy, or something else?


Your lifestyle can affect your kitchen design to a great extent. Think about what a kitchen means to you and how you would efficiently use this space. For example, if you entertain guests often, opt for an island unit with plenty of seating (like Veneta Cucine’s Essence range of designs), so the guests can gather around easily. If you’re someone who isn’t in the habit of cleaning the kitchen as soon as any mess occurs, opt for a countertop like Caranto, which will not stain or scratch easily.

Be reasonable about storage.
What would be the storage requirement in your kitchen?


We often don’t analyse the right quantity of storage requirements for the kitchen. Designing a good kitchen would require you to understand and be accurate about the storage requirements. If you are someone with many pots and pans, a good number of lower cabinets or an overhead rack can help solve the storage problem.

Veneta Cucine’s Quick Design and Essence range offer a plethora of options when it comes to storage.

Get the lighting right.
How enchanting would your kitchen look with the proper lighting?


Think about all the roles you want your kitchen to play before choosing the proper lighting. One should remember that lighting is essential for areas that get used the most, like the sink or the island unit. The lighting chosen should not just be functional but also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Veneta Cucine’s range of kitchen designs are created keeping in mind the lighting, functionality and beauty.

Explore the need for an island unit.
Does your kitchen need an island unit?


After understanding the kind of kitchen design for your home, look into aspects like space and feasibility to get a better idea of whether an island unit is required or not. Kitchen islands offer numerous benefits, like easy accessibility and aesthetics. They also make the kitchen a focal point by combining function and style. Despite the functionality and benefits, an island also needs ample space. It becomes essential to consider the total area of the kitchen and one’s lifestyle before opting to include an island unit in the kitchen.

No matter how you decide to design your kitchen, remember that it’s your happy space at the end of the day. A good design will not only enhance the functionality but will also boost your happiness. Visit Veneta Cucine to create a regret-proof kitchen and elevate your delight!