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Designing a Party-Ready Kitchen

The kitchen’s role is slowly transitioning into the ultimate living space. Now more than ever is the time to re-think and re-design the kitchen space to make it work for you.

With Veneta Cucine, you can easily design a party-ready kitchen. The right kitchen design would allow you to strike a balance between food, friends and family effectively.

Here are some elements to consider while designing a party-ready kitchen:

* Open Floor


The first thing needed to make a kitchen party-ready is space, as nothing can dull a party like lack of space. The kitchen can offer the best solution when it comes to opening up the floor. An open kitchen makes it easy for people to move around from one space to another with ease. Another aspect to consider while prepping the kitchen for a party is its connection with outdoor spaces. Irrespective of the weather, a kitchen that connects to an outdoor space would make it easy for not just you but your guests too!

* Multiple Counters


Entertaining guests at home calls for a lot of prep work and cooking, necessitating more space. Open counters would be required to set out the food, and islands can provide great convenience at optimal space. Adding more than one island, including a long peninsula or having a long counter outside the work triangle are some ways that can enable one to have multiple counters or spaces in the kitchen.

* Seating


Having seating options in the kitchen is an ideal element to include in the kitchen design, even when one is not hosting guests. A kitchen seating allows family or guests to join you for a conversation while you are amidst cooking. It is recommended to arrange seating near work areas, but not inside them.

* Beverage Space


Modern kitchens have witnessed an increased need for a beverage bar. A corner or a short space of the wall in the kitchen can be converted into a beverage bar, making the kitchen an ideal space for conversations. You can also combine the beverage bar with daily beverages like coffee, cold drinks, etc. An under-counter refrigerator can also be included in the kitchen to store juice and other beverages.

* Special Storage Space


Storage space for all the items that one uses while entertaining guests can make a kitchen party-ready. This space can include dishes and glassware, serve ware, table cloths or cutleries. This space can be distinct and separate from everyday items and can be contained enough to ensure that no dust settles on it while not in use.

* Lighting Options


Lighting is an essential element for any space in the house but is crucial for a space like a kitchen. The right type of lighting for each area of the kitchen can serve a great purpose and offer aesthetic appeal. If a kitchen is designed to be a party hub, the lighting scheme needs to be one that can adjust through the day. A brighter light while working, visually appealing light for party and low lighting for the evenings are some options that one can consider.

* Ease of Cleaning


Cleaning is an inevitable part of the kitchen and is a chore that is important after a party. Whether one opts for disposable plates and cups or uses dishware, it is imperative to have a solution that makes the post-part clean-up a no-brainer. Having a quality dishwasher, a pull-out wastebasket, and a cleaning supply closet in the pantry or another central location are critical elements that can offer ease of cleaning.

Veneta Cucine’s Caranto countertop for the kitchen is another element that can offer ease of cleaning. Caranto Quartz Agglomerate is ideal as a countertop or worktop. It is resistant against scratches, heat and stain/liquid absorption. Caranto Ceramic is another countertop solution that offers heat, scratch and stain-resistant surfaces. Both Caranto Quartz and Caranto Ceramic are great options for designing a party-ready kitchen.

The kitchen plays numerous roles during the day, and it is the ideal space for meals and families. It is also the most welcoming space when it comes to parties! Visit Veneta Cucine’s website to know more!