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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinetry

The humble kitchen cabinet that has been around for hundreds of years isn’t just a space to store items but is also a space that conveys aesthetics and gives your kitchen the right vibes!

It isn’t wrong to state that the kitchen is ruled by the cabinetry it has. You can change your kitchen however you want, but it is incomplete if the cabinets are undone. Veneta Cucine is here to help you flaunt your kitchen cabinetry the right way!

What goes in the cabinetry?
As far as your kitchen is concerned, the more, the better! Having fewer appliances as an interruption will help yield a minimal, classy and elegant look to your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Cabinetry:
There is no right or wrong as far as cabinetry is concerned. However, an important aspect to think about while considering cabinetry is the colour and the hardware. You can always opt for colours that blend in or stand out, but make sure that the colours are not easily prone to stains. Veneta Cucine’s range of cabinets offers you cabinets that are clean, hygienic and less prone to stains.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets:

From sky-high cabinets to lift-up cabinets, there are numerous ways you can choose to spruce up your kitchen! Here’s our top four kitchen cabinet suggestion:

Lift-up Cabinets


A lift-up cabinet makes your kitchen space safer (especially with kids around). You can choose to position the lift-up cabinets at a height in the kitchen so that there is no risk of the door coming in the way of your space.

Sky-high Cabinets


A compact kitchen may make it difficult for you to place your kitchen appliances neatly. The upper part of your kitchen wall is the least-used space in the kitchen. You can create sky-high cabinets to add extra storage in a small kitchen

Double Duty Cabinets


Double duty cabinets are designed to hide appliances or objects in the kitchen from plain sight when not in use. These cabinets can also double up as storage space if you decide to keep the appliances out in the open. Keeping appliances like an oven or dishwasher hidden would make your kitchen appear cleaner and add much space.

Lower Cabinets


It might be difficult to store away numerous small things in the kitchen. Lower cabinets come to the rescue here by offering ample storage that is easy to use.

Irrespective of the material or colour you choose, kitchen cabinets are the best and long-lasting investment you can make for your kitchen. Visit Veneta Cucine’s website and connect with us to help you choose the right cabinet for your kitchen!