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6 Tips to get your Kitchen ready for Winter Holidays

When you entertain for the holidays, your kitchen is bound to attract people. Make it inviting and ready for holiday without hindering your kitchen functionality with our easy kitchen decor tips.


Create your own 2D Christmas Tree

Getting a Christmas tree in an apartment or tending for it in an Indian weather can be quite a task. Instead, you can create a tree design on a blank wall with patterned washi tape! Attach strings of ornaments or fairy lights on the “tree” with clear tape. This washi tape DIY is also a lovely, fuss-free project to do with your little ones.


Make your table and countertops Christmassy

For more natural and sustainable holiday decor, look at what you already have. A bunch of cinnamon sticks, sundried or baked-till-crispy orange cuts and dry spices arranged in a pretty bowl will make for an understated homemade potpourri centerpiece for your table. If you like to keep things fresh, look out into your garden for some areca palm leaf cuts or bougainvillea flowers and team them up with your Diwali LED diyas. We love the red-leafed Poinsettia potted plants too as a centerpiece – they are so Christmassy and a great addition to any garden.

Dress up space above your cabinets

Often an overlooked area, this place hoards a lot of dust. Give it a good clean and add a garland of red flowers or artificial garlands along with fairy lights. This will take your guest’s eyes away from the countertops (which do tend to get busy during the holiday times) and add an unexpected pop of colour in an otherwise dark area of your kitchen. Get red or green kitchen towels to complete the festive look.

Display items in a glass-front cabinet or open shelves

Put your favourite dishware on display to breathe fresh life into your drab kitchen shelves. Or better still hang a festive slogan!


Nothing spells (or smells) Christmas than the fresh whiff of baked goodies. So, get on your apron and slid in those oven gloves to bake cookies, shortbread, pies or roasts to add that whimsical smell of festive season to your home.


Decorate your chairs

If all the tips above seem to miss the mark for you, here is one simple DIY to add the festive cheer minimally. Take broad red ribbons and tie them around your chairs to make a big bow at the back. Secure it with a pin or any other embellishments if you would like and now your chair looks elegantly wrapped for a wonderful festive time ahead!