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5 Kitchen Trends that will rock the summer of 2020


The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of any home. It is required to be low maintenance, easy to clean and yet look effortlessly stylish – talk about being multi-functional! We at Veneta Cucine India have experienced some of these trends first-hand thanks on the request of our discerning customers. Here are the top 5 trends we think would make to many kitchens of 2020.

Natural wood tones

The white or grey kitchen will always remain a classic. Design experts suggest though an influx of more natural wood elements popping up to add warmth and depth to the kitchen. It can ground any light-coloured kitchen and add the much needed contrast to the scape without being overbearing. It could come through an upcycled piece of furniture, a Scandinavian style natural tone high chairs or a butcher block kitchen countertop/island.

Minimalistic Handles

Less is more when it comes to kitchen hardware. The summer of 2020 we will be seeing all that bulky and vintage handles giving way to a more clean, sleek look. We have personally seen huge interest in the no-handle cabinets as well.

Pop of colour

Though monochromatic colours still rule the game colours are having a comeback moment. And there are so many ways to incorporate them. You could paint your fifth wall / the ceiling with a dramatic hue or bring in vibrant pottery, utensils or even large appliances such as the refrigerator. Two-tone cabinets are also a great way to break the monotony and can look stunning and functional at the same time.

Mix and Match Kitchen Metals

Cabinets always have the maximum real estate in a kitchen. But it is the little metal details throughout your kitchen that give a pulled-together look to your kitchen. It could be the faucets, the handles, the sink or the light fixtures. You can have a brushed nickel faucet and copper colour light fixture co-exist and that’s the beauty of this trend – things don’t have to match up

Statement Backsplash

Though plain white subway tile backsplash is the go-to for many, we have seen a trend in making it a statement. Nothing spells luxury than a handcrafted, show stopper of a backsplash. It could be hand-cut tiles or a large, monolithic slab of marble or quartz with natural grains and colour variation to show through. It is all about grabbing the attention and making your kitchen stand out from the ordinary.

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