Almost any kitchen needs a closet or a pantry, in addition to storage areas, cabinetry, shelves, hooks, and rods, among several other things. People always tend to run out of space in the kitchen because of all of the utensils, cookware, dishes, food processing equipment, and other objects. With a magic corner – the pioneer of all kitchen organizers or kitchen space storage choices – you would want to get the most out of every inch of available kitchen area.

What exactly is a Magic Corner?

A magic corner is a carefully crafted kitchen corner storage system that has a slide-out function that allows easy access to everything placed in the blind corner of the kitchen counter. A magic corner unit is divided into four levels — two front baskets or trays and two back baskets — that are held together only by a frame with a sliding system connected to the sides and door of the cabinet. The “magic” takes place inside the sliding mechanism, which is simple yet spectacular. The front trays are fastened to the cabinet door and held in place by a moving framework just on the adjacent side wall, whereas the back trays are kept in place by a sliding framework on the magic corner’s back wall.

Is it essential to have a Magic Corner Storage Unit?

To determine whether you require a magic corner in your kitchen, consider the following questions:

“Would I like to maximise the corner space behind my kitchen cabinet?”
“Do I need a quick way to access the stuff in the back of my kitchen cabinet?”
“Would I like a modern, functional, and innovative kitchen corner storage system?”
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re ready to buy a magic corner unit, and the next question is…

What You Should Know Before Making a Purchase

Any magic corner dealer will claim that theirs is the best, but there is a simple way to determine which is best for you.

Kitchen Materials and Parts

If you wish for it to last, select a magic corner built of high-quality materials, rollers, and hinges. Since we’re talking about the kitchen, stainless steel (for the structure and trays) remains the best choice given its durability and cleanliness.

Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

The interior breadth of your cabinet corner should be at least 900mm, the depth should be at least 500mm, the internal height should be at least 525mm, and the doorway width should be greater than 400mm. (This applies to the vast majority of Premier magic corner kitchen units.) Whenever you buy anything, double-check the cabinet specifications for the style you choose.)


Several magic corner things appear the same. Nevertheless, these are the basket style options that vary from brand to brand.

The Mechanism

Do you want a magical corner that slides quietly and easily? Choose a gadget with a soft-stop feature to ensure that it doesn’t slam shut.

How Much Does A Magic Corner Modular Kitchen Cost?

The price of a magic corner is determined by the mechanism and the finishing you desire. A magic corner with a matte laminate surface will be less expensive than one with a lacquered glass finish. To give you a rough idea, a magic corner will raise the cost of your kitchen interiors by roughly Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 for the mechanism, while laminates and handles would cost approximately Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 70,000.

Please keep in mind that the quotations are simply estimates; the actual cost will vary depending on the size and finish.

Contemporary Magic Corner Units

Magic corner units are becoming increasingly popular, especially in modern kitchens with compact blind corners. They usually come with four trays, two of which are attached to the door and the remaining two to the unit itself. This is an excellent example of a magic corner unit. The Magic Corner’s colourful and modern appearance, composed of chrome rails, is sure to catch the attention of most clients. Putting kitchen items on display is a fantastic idea. This cabinet contains shelves that are connected to a swing-out front that, when opened, pulls the inner shelves further towards the cabinet’s open part. In recent times, the design has been updated to include a soft-close function. While this feature minimises noise, all-metal organisers continue to generate rattling sounds when the shelves have been fully loaded.

Advantages of a Kitchen Magic Corner

Magic corners make effective utilization of the restricted room in the kitchen. These square containers fit perfectly in square cabinets and allow easy access to the contents. You will be able to see how simple and straightforward these devices are to operate. They are more expensive than general corners, but they are perfect for boosting storage space and enabling easy access to kitchen supplies. Although they are considerably more prone to breaking down because they have more movable components, you do get a more “automatic” functionality in that all the trays come out at the same time, so you don’t have to pull anything out manually.

Conclusion on Kitchen Magic Corner

The best part about putting in a magic corner is that you’ll be able to convert an underutilized dark corner under your kitchen bench into useful storage space. There are additional magic corner alternatives even without bins and with plain shelves on two levels for storage. In a two-step system, the outer is attached to the shutter, and the inner unit comes out when the doors are opened. Whatever type you pick, you can be certain that it will help you create additional kitchen storage. Magic corners, while slightly more expensive, have a lot more of an ‘automatic’ feel to them since everything is done in one step.