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International Modular Kitchen Brand

Up until the 90s, luxury modular kitchen was not a concept which was known to the Indian consumers. Snaidero brought the classic modular kitchen industry into existence in the 1960s in Italy and later flourished enough to inspire other brands to join in. CC India Pvt Ltd. was responsible for bringing this unique concept to the country via Veneta Cucine India, a franchise network of the Italian Brand, Veneta Cucine. We have been in business for 25 years and are considered as the pioneers of bringing international modular kitchens to the Indian market.

Italy’s Leading Kitchen Brand

Veneta Cucine is Italy's most important manufacturer of luxury modular kitchens and now one of the top brands for modular kitchens in India. Started as a family-run company which was founded more than half a century ago, has now grown from a small local enterprise into a major multinational group. They produce, manage and distribute modular sets of 10 systems and 40 models based on 5 different structures, with 300 combinations of colours and materials. 

Veneta Cucine's international modular kitchen products are marketed by an extensive distribution network – more than 1,000 highly-qualified dealers in Europa, Asia, Africa, North and South America. The company has developed a very close working relationship with a network of international distributors who give exclusive space to its products and are able to promote the undisputed character and personality of the brand.

Kitchen Planning

A lot of time and research goes prior to the construction of your luxury modular kitchen. Plan your kitchen when you plan your home; when fixing a day for moving in, make sure that you consider giving kitchen planning and construction no lesser than a period of four months. The best time to plan your kitchen is when the structure is ready, and before you begin plastering and flooring, as every Veneta Cucine kitchen is custom designed. By planning your kitchen early you save on the cost of worktop, sink, tap and dado tiling, etc, that is payable to the builder. Planning well before the desired completion date ensures your kitchen is ready when you need it. A lead time of 120 to 135 days will be required for the kitchen to arrive from Italy and seven days from the date of arrival for installation.


We use premium quality materials for our international modular kitchen designs. For wood, we use European varieties such as Oak, Cherry, Chestnut, Ash and Alder. We also use Toulipier Alder and Yellow Pine from the United States and Yesquero Negro from Bolivia. Here’s a rundown of all the materials which we use in our luxury modular kitchen:

Special Features

International Modular Kitchen Collection

When it comes to modular kitchens in India, our product range is vast and one of the most diverse luxury modular kitchen collections in the country. We produce modular sets of 10 systems and 40 models based on 5 different structures, with 300 combinations of colours and materials. These models are further categorised into Traditional, Quick-Design and Essence, all of which are different design categories meeting the needs of the luxury Italian kitchen market based on customer tastes and budget.

Indian Modular Kitchen Showroom

across the country. The success of Veneta Cucine India can largely be attributed to the comprehensive service that spans from understanding the requirement of the client, translating it to a design, installation by a skilled and experienced team and providing excellent after-sales support and service — all in house and professionally managed. If you are on the lookout for an Italian modular kitchen showroom in your city, be sure to use our store locator to find the closest Veneta Cucine boutique near you.

Why Modular Kitchen by Veneta Cucine India?

your answer. One of the best Italian kitchen brands in India, we bring modular kitchen solutions straight to your home. With over 32,000 kitchens installed pan India and with showrooms in 9 cities, we've had numerous happy customers over the past two decades and a half. We are also known for using BBS (Bacteria Blocker Silverguard) Technology on our kitchen surfaces for keeping them 99.9% germ and bacteria-free. We also use high- quality lacquer on the kitchen surfaces for a premium finish. 

Our Experts Help To Build Your Dream Modular Kitchens

Your luxury modular kitchen is in good hands as our designs are executions that have attained unanimous recommendations from the world’s architects of note. Every aspect of the experience we provide is a product of the toil of several architects at Veneta Cucine’s manufacturing unit in Italy, and a result of their total approval. 

World-class support and services

We believe our kitchens are a lifetime commitment and we would like to promise you the same to keep your modular kitchen at its best, always. While our kitchens are being crafted, we ensure that we use the highest grade of materials during production which results in the creation of highly robust luxury modular kitchen designs lasting years. But like all things, wear and tear can happen over the years and we replace the old unit with a new one of the same quality as the first installation. We produce all materials in-house while making sure that they all meet our quality benchmark levels. In case of any issues, we provide you with all the after-sale support needed through our dedicated toll-free number. All our kitchens are covered under our lifetime guarantee and we also provide a lifetime warranty on all the kitchen appliances as well.

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