Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs A Makeover

We have seen a dramatic shift in the designs of modular kitchens in the past two years due to the pandemic., A major reason behind this is because people are spending a lot of time at home. Although this may seem as the most obvious need for a change, there are many other reasons that inspire a kitchen makeover: right from the desire of adding more space to the kitchen’s storage, or simply avoiding any kind of daily damage or wear and tear concerns, the reasons can vary. Moreover, there could be several other issues like improving the ambience of the kitchen itself that could have been affected by your kitchen’s decor or layout to which renovation or remodelling could be the only answer.

In every home, the kitchen can be voted as the room that is used the most. With continuous usage on a daily basis, it is expected to undergo little damage. Homeowners who have a keen eye may notice wear and tear or slight dents on the counters, flooring, and cabinets. Even products that promise good quality also will start showing signs of aging as a result of regular wear and tear. Getting a kitchen makeover or renovation doesn’t have to be an extensive overhaul, it could be as straightforward as remodelling the kitchen using the most genuine products that are durable and offer a guarantee. This is something we have been working towards for the past 25 years as a team, so that you get the purest products sourced right from Italy that are durable and even offer a life-time guarantee.

The Future of Kitchen Design

The pandemic has been around for a while now and is responsible for a variety of changes we see today. Out of which working remotely has sort of become the norm today. This, added along with the fact that families have been growing in size has led the homeowners to come to the realization that there is a need for improving or updating their kitchen’s functionality for everyday use. Updating the kitchen could help in smoothening everyday functioning while also making the kitchen more accommodating and entertaining when you have guests over. In order to make your kitchen more spacious, consider custom-built options or choosing layouts like peninsula or island in order to provide more room.

A lesser-known fact to many is that several kitchens that have been in use for a long period of time could have materials that tend to emit toxins which have a negative effect on the atmosphere inside. Not many people are aware that the air inside your home could actually be harmful. There could be several volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or naturally occurring organic compounds like formaldehyde that could be present in man-made wood products that could affect your health in a negative way. This makes it important to choose products that have low VOC or are more environmentally friendly like natural stone for countertops, natural wood for cabinets and other eco-friendly options. This is something that makes us stand out, we provide 99.9% safe, anti-bacterial carcasses in kitchens that use BBS (Bacteria Blocker Silver) Guard tech to help us provide life-time warranty on our products.

Kitchens By Veneta Cucine

We’ve had so many people reach out to us to help them deal with cluttered kitchens. This is a major concern especially when you’re having a busy day. I feel proud to say that our team responded to these requests by introducing simple, user-friendly storage solutions for modular kitchens. We, at Veneta Cucine, have always strived to stay ahead of the trends by designing a range of efficient storage options in order to make your life easy. These practically provide options for storing a variety of kitchen appliances, pantry items etc which help in making your kitchen more organized.

As time goes by, several kitchen cabinets and countertops that may have been the rage once upon a time go out of fashion, while only some of them may stand the test of time. Don’t be stuck in the past trying to adjust with what you’ve got, allow our team at Veneta Cucine to assist you in choosing the best products that offer consistent quality as we manufacture all of our products ourselves. They are designed to stay with you in the long run while also making your time at the kitchen more enjoyable.