Looking into the last few years in retrospection, it gives me immense pleasure to see Veneta Cucine’s journey in India, which despite tough times was able to cater to the ever-growing needs of the customers.

Needless to say, the last two years came with unprecedented challenges, effects of which were not just witnessed in our daily lives but also resonated with our choices. Keeping in mind the latest kitchen architecture and design requirements, Veneta Cucine has come up with the latest designs, a seamless fusion of Indian and Italian traditions to mark a new notch in aesthetics while keeping in mind the safety of the occupants.

The modular kitchen industry is seeing a shift in kitchen designs as we have been spending more time at home since the pandemic. Amidst all this, we have also been prioritising our safety, comfort, accessibility, and sanitisation concerning many kitchen designs. We saw a rise in demand for easy accessibility and convenience kitchen designs. Now, if we look back a few years ago, the kitchen was nothing but a hidden place. But today, it is the heart of the home. It is a room filled with energy, aroma and texture.

In recent times, the kitchen has become more or less like a living room where all of us spend more time with our family, attend office meetings, listen to music, and carry out other recreational activities. The pandemic has certainly brought about changes in all spheres of life, including the way we are building our homes and designing our kitchens. This has paved the way for new kitchen trends.

At Veneta Cucine, we have always strived to stay ahead of the trends. During the last two years, several new trends of innovative kitchen interiors have emerged.

Since the pandemic, many of us have spent more time in our kitchens than ever before and there’s a natural inclination to make this space feel more personal. With neutral colours making a comeback, we can expect a lot of calm and neutral tones this year. So you can get to see plenty of sage green, duck-egg blue, shades of grey and beige, and soft pinks. Warm neutrals like creamy whites, teal, light wood tone, and muddy green are also taking over.

We all prefer a spacious kitchen. Most homeowners prefer open-plan spaces where a kitchen island is an essential feature. A kitchen island makes us feel comfortable while preparing and cooking food. We can also face guests or family members while we prepare which makes working from home very comfortable.

At Veneta Cucine, we give an aesthetic touch to the kitchen with traditional Italian design. Recessed grip cabinet profiles have always met the aesthetic requirements and these have now come into the limelight as most of us are opting for it. They are versatile and comfortable to use and create a more uniform effect than regular handles, accentuating the style of sophisticated compositions with a minimalistic feel.

Closed kitchens have turned to open spaces yielding more vicinity. The idea is to welcome natural light and sunlight into the kitchen. We can also look forward to expansive windows along the counter space or extra-large skylights over the kitchen island. Thanks to new technologies and new routines, we can now illuminate our cooking spaces that boost our mood and productivity. A lot of architects and designers have been using pendant lights, sparkling lanterns, a combination of spots, led and pendants, and many more for their projects.

Apart from all these, unique mixes of stones, wood, composites, and metals are making way to integrate into the kitchens that blend with the house’s overall design. Materials like Italian wood and lacquer, Caranto (made of Quartz agglomerate and Ceramic) countertops have always been in the mainstream even before the trends came in. We all opt for materials that are safe to use and easy to sanitise, and also give our kitchen an interesting look.

Times are changing and so are the kitchen trends which demand us to look forward to modern, friendly, and functional kitchens! If you are looking to redesign or plan a completely new kitchen, we at Veneta Cucine are always here to help you choose the best modular kitchen designs.